Jugg assist!

my juggernaut team is spidey doom juggs

heres 2 with spiedy juggs, with spidey on point and juggs dash assist, both are damaging ashell, more if juggy is glitched!

c.lk (jugg assist same time), c.mk, neutral rd, immediatly cancel the rd to max spider, the jugg assist will knock them up and spider will hit for big dmg

  • of course you can addhits before this, fierce webball then jumping in attacks or whatever you want

next one,
spidey on point, jugg dash assist

jumping in fierce, dash in, standing lp, call jugg assist, standing mp (lp, assist, mp must be done fast as hell), follow up fp cancel into a fierce webball, then immediatly cancel the webball into max spider, the jumping fierce will knock them down into jugg assist which will knock them back up into webball, then max spider will hit, if you glitch jugg’s this combo is massive!

the most dmg i can get out of a jugg assist is with ryu on point, jump in fierce, dash lk (jugg assist), c.rd (jugg assist will pick them up off the ground, lvl 3 shin-shoryuken super, MAD dmg!

and finally with doom,

c.lk (call jugg assist), c.mk, c.fierce, (jugg assist will hit), standing pink tickler cancel into qcf pp vacume super, nice dmg as well


bah, whatever. Just keeping on losing to Mag :stuck_out_tongue:

sentinel and juggeraut in this order.
1.] opponent in corner. j.roundhouse+(juggernaut dash type) rocket punch [50% damage] “glitched”

favorite team with juggernaut:
m.bison, juggernaut, doom

Thanos, juggernaut, spiral

no need to to be fancy just do one super lol

Dash assist glitched:

Sent on point. (while flying) lp xx juggs assist, lp, Rocket Punch(lp) Rocket punch(lp)…good for 80% damage.

Juggs on point w/ hulk dash assist. jump in hp xx hulk assist, j.HK, land and headcrush…100%…you can juggernaut punch into another headcrush after the combo but only in training mode(good for 200% and the “Oh Damn!!!” from your buds)

You can sneak the juggs assist into the Hyper Sent Force super chain also. Just push assist the same time you do the beam and juggy will run out and clobber that ass. note after juggy hits, the next HSF chain will miss completely. Also better to do during the first chain unless you can find a way to resest the combo.

any time you happen to land an assist w/ sent on point, just rocket punch into the HSF chain.

Anyone wanting more just ask…I got a billion of these.

Fav teams.

Deathbutton: Hulk / Juggs / Sent
Cable / Juggs / Sent
Collossus / Juggs / Sent
Gief / Juggs / Sent
Anyone / Juggs / Sent

As for Juggernaut assists, I like to use either the dash type or the ground type. The dash type assist is fairly self explanitory, so here’s some of the stuff I like to do with the ground type:

Gambit/Jugg: J. FP, J. RH, C. SK, C. SK, S. RH+Jugg assist, Jab Kinetic Card, Fierce Kinetic CardXXRoyal FlushXXX(DHC)Juggernaut Headcrush…does 90 to 100% depending on if Jugg is glitched or not.

Hulk/Jugg: J. SK, J. SK, C. SK+Jugg assist, C. SK, Gamma Crush(works on everyone but Sentinel)

Good combo that I like to do but it has flaws. After the jugg assist hits, your opponent can roll out of the way of the gamma crush. On top of that, the timing on the gamma crush is crucial . Too late and you miss your target completely. Even when it’s around the right timing your opponent can mash out(if he’s quick)

Actually it should be unrollable. Remember Hulk has no sweep and unless Juggernaut’s Earthquake trips the opponent, then it should be good. Unless you just know something I don’t.

W/ the earthquake it’s unrollable, but you didn’t specify which assist (I don’t think ). I thought you were talking about the dash assist. That combo sets up mad gamma crushes if you come down right when your opponent hits the ground(off the dash assist)

Repost from the general Juggy thread…

As far as Juggy’s assist’s

A (Ground)

Is good for long time space control, traps, crossover, and pressure. The EQ stays on the screen for a LONG time. I’ve seen a strider do a trap from this move.
Use like a ghetto Tron.

You can alpha counter->Super with this. It combos… but i’m not sure if the EQ has much priority. Use it against a blocked chain.

B (Dash)

The default Jugg assist. One reason to use this baby, damage. DO any combo+Jugg adds 45 damage to it. That simple. Also, the enemy is juggable after the punch b/c the assist version DOES NOT cause flying screen. So you can do AHVB, HSF, etc. etc. Very Nasty.

Alpha Counter-> Super really fast is almost as fast as just busting out with headcrush… good against a ground HVB and other laggy moves.

Y (Variety)

Ok… this assist has a whole lot of potential. The reason being, it is a top-down attack. The oppenent MUST block it high. Meaning your point character can attack low for a free hit. There are only 3 assists in the game that do this (Chun li and Bonerine are the others)

There are several drawbacks to it, though.
1.It’s slow. Takes about a second to come out and execute the attack.
2.It’s priority is awful. Almost any good aaa will beat him clean, and he doesn’t have super armor in the air.
3.It knocks down. You can OTG though if you’re quick.

Oh yeah, Doom. The Gamma Crush may be UNROLLABLE… but is it UNMASHABLE? Cuz Gamma Crush and some other supers (captain storm) cause the psueso flying screen, where you can mash buttons to get up quicker. As I recall, any connected (especially anti air or comboed off of cr. FP) Gamma Crush can be mashed out of so you can get up and block before Hulk comes down with the meteor. Makes that super almost useless.

I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed. You CAN hit unmashable gamma crushes off of anti-air assists as well as cr.FP IF you time it right. You can even hit double gamma crushes off of certain assists (AAA Jin anyone) where the gamma crush hits twice for full damage BOTH times. Well, this isn’t a Hulk thread so lets get back to juggy assist combos

To answer your question Renegade. It is unmashable as well. Hulk never hits on the way up and the Earthquake keeps the opponent in hit stun until he comes down with the meteor. I’ve only seen one character be immune to this that combo and thats Sentinel. For some reason the initial hit from the Gamma Crush(the meteor hit anyways) makes Sentinel airborne(unlike any other opponent) and thus allows Sentinel to regain his block.

I found a way to make it work. Do the HSF chain w/ Sent and push HP and assist at the same time. If your off you’ll know cause juggy will hit before or at the same time the beam does. When done right, Juggy will hit after the beam . Then you just OTG w/ a LP rocket Punch and start the chain over again. Good for 100% if done on the first chain.(2 super bars required)


But that’s off topic.

Gammy, I mean when you use the Gamma Crush AS an anti air, not comboed off of one. Anytime it hits high enough (i believe) they can’t mash out. I don’t play hulk though, colossus is 100 times better.

And that, my friends, is the final word on that…



Sigh. I know you’re a big hulk fan. But still, they are these things that are facts.

1.Both Colossus dash and anti air assists are better than Hulk’s ones… making him more valuable off the screen.
2. TK short Shoulder Tackles gives Colussus a way to advance safely.
3.Colossus has the power armor super. This super alone makes him hold an advantage over any pixie character in the game. It also gives magneto problems. You even said you’re hulk has problems with magneto.
4.Colussus Has a reliable super that is consistant and can be used to air combo->Super->DHC.

Also, in my opinion, Most of Colossus’s normals are better. (i.e. Low RH, Stand Fierce, low short)
However… That being said. I am quite envious of the Gamma Crush’s assist punishing power and it’s double hit potential. Not to mention Hulk’s Air throw. (does colossus have one??)

This really isn’t on topic… so either PM me, AIM me (Hydraburnt) or email me. Palmra@vcu.edu.

It’s no big deal, Robin. Everybody’s certainly entitled to their own opinion & everything.

It’s just that… if you (self-admittedly) don’t really play Hulk like that, & you’re asking intermediate-level questions about him, then how do you really know?

Then you say something like “Colossus >> Hulk 100 fold”, some newb reads it, takes it as gospel & Hulk’s good name gets even further sullied (undeservedly).

Anyhoo, just suffice it to say that I disagree. I’ve improved somewhat since we last played, maybe I can show you my argument in person one day. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to learn from Gammadynamite in person; I’m always willing to learn some new tricks. I also apologize for giving the impression that I was the only one who had something to teach re: Hulk in the Hulk thread; I know that’s not the case, & that’s not what I meant, but I see how it could have been taken that way & I’m sorry.

But you’re right; this is off-topic, but that’s all I really had to say, & I wanted to finish this where it started instead of AIM/PM/E-mail.

I don’t really have anything to add to the Jugg assist topic that couldn’t be expressed by Gammadynamite, Renegade or Lord Doom more effectively, so I humbly defer to them on that.



There is alot of truth in this, but once in a blue moon, it will cause the flying screen affect that makes it unmashable. As for your previous post (c.HP----->gamma crush) it DOES work, but you need to cancel to gamma crush right away ,causing the HP to hit once. That’s it…no more HULK in this thread:lol:

This is a pretty fun one i figured out the other day.

Juggy dash assist(preferrably glitched): W/ Sent near (not necessarily in the corner…but it helps) s.LP xx assist , s.MP , s. HK(will not launch) , Rocket Punch (LP) , Hyper Sent Force…what ever you wanna do after that.

lol dan that’s a unique way to use the launcher… you showed me this one i believe…