Jude, Juri, and Executioner

The juri thread!

Juri is tight cuz she keeps the purple stuff tradition alive. Hopefully they can get Namco permission to tie her into hwoarang and baek. She has tekken look for moves.

Is she be top tier? Can someone link me to the super sf4 tier listings?

I see she does have air rekka kens, these rekkas are kicks however. I hope the fadc off of last rekka will give ultra, too good.

How do it know! She id be top tier all time. good bye.

This thread is in the wrong jurisdiction.

I’ll be the jude of the that

I’m starting to understand why people get upset in SRK so often…

I guess one could say that the Juri is still out on her effectiveness?

You’re not going to know where she is in the tier list until months after the arcade release.

I’d like to know if she’s going to be like Elena in which all of her normal moves are kicks.

I see what you did here

She really looks like a mix of Xiaoyu’s costumes, like her Tekken 4 and 5 outfits specifically.

That guy on Eventhubs sure wasn’t kidding, lol. Straight out of Jojo.

Juni, Juli, Juri.

Perhaps Juri is a former servant of Bison that serves Seth. Maybe related to Bison instead of former servant.

Perhaps has a relation to Juni and Juli. Perhaps was a servant before Juni and Juli.

Perhaps she is a clone that serve Seth and Juni and Juli are clones of her.

I do believe Juni, Juli, Juri, Bison, and Seth have a connection though. Maybe not though.

I saw the rumor that she worked for Seth and the purple maybe indicates she is psychic.

I am not a huge story person though. It doesn’t matter so much.

But she seems looks weird and I like weird characters. She seems to be TKD which is interesting.

foxstep juggles into ultra all day son

Hey I have a video of you from XBL where Buktooth destroyed you!


Random … !

Juri = Juli

or at least I’m hoping.

yea i thought the same thing.

Wait, Executioner is gonna be in this game?

That dude was awesome in Pit-Fighter! Maybe Chainman Eddie and Southside Jim will be revealed tomorrow!

BTW, am I the only one who thought Southside Jim looked like Magic Johnson? Maybe that was just on the low res Genesis version…

Top tier?

Ju really think so?

hella random but hella funny

How is everyone pronouncing the name? I’m guessing a lot of people are saying it like “Jury”, but when I first saw it I thought it was “Yuri”.

me too