Joysticks on original SF2 arcade cabs?


I wanted to order a custom joystick but wanted to know what kind of joysticks were on the original street fighter 2 and championship edition coin ops? Were they Happ Competition or P360s? Thanks for your help.

Happ comp

Although Happ Comps were what was in the original cabs, you don’t want to order a Happ Comp today if you are making/ordering a stick. Order an iL 8 way Eurostick. There are issues with the Happ Comps last I heard, in which required sanding of the actuator block.

Were they actually Comps back then in the cabs? I remember running into tons of Supers, Ultimates, and various Wico sticks over the years.

What if i order from Arcade in a Box? I don’t see IL Eurostick as an option, only “Competition” Is that ok? Also when did they start using P360’s? For what games?

If you order from Arcade in a Box, you can request an IL Eurostick on the Order Notes.

Ed (the Owner of AIAB) does not like the newer Happ Comps as well. From some people, I heard AIAB puts in IL Eurostick anyways.

All I know is P360 came out in the late 90s and is used by the hardcore MvC2 players. Seems like most people use Sanwa/Semitsu for SF4 and 3s

I have P360’s in my SF2 cab, and comps/wico in my Neo and MK cabs. The P360’s are a much nicer joystick. They take some getting used too, but they feel so much smoother.