Joysticks modded with Happ/IL parts

I am getting back into fighting games and just bought the mad catz SF4 SE and modded it into the TE edition with a Sanwa Joystick with octogonal plate(and seimitsu buttons). I also ordered the Seimitsu Joystick that comes with the circular gate just incase the octo gate wasn’t smooth enough(it is BTW but I will still try the seimitsu when it arrives). Anyway, I know that the mad catz stick is not deep enough for Happ parts, specifically the competition joystick.

Is there a stick that is? Reason being I grew up in America playing american machines(i think you can see where I am going here) and am not sure if the longer throw of the sanwa matches that(can’t say about the seimitsu because it hasn’t arrived yet…lizard lick is sold out so I had to buy direct from asia). I prefer the QCF friendly octo and circle gates and am exploring all my options. Thanks guys

EDIT: OR, maybe a better question is:Is there a Seimitsu/Sanwa joystick that is comprable to the Happ parts, so I wouldn’t have to get a new stick to confirm the feel.

Having built 3 happ sticks in the last year let me say this: You can find them, but they will be custom. The Nybytech SF Anniversary Stick is deep enought to accept happ parts, as is the X-Arcade stick and some of Arcade-In-A-Box cases. For the most part, you will need to find a builder to make a custom case. There are a few that will make them

Have you tried putting a bat top on the Sanwa and putting a stiffer spring in? I did this because I like the classic US arcade parts and I like it.

You could try the"ultimate mod" to reduce the throw.

I am waiting for my wiring kit rtdzign is mailing me, so i can add this joystick Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Joystick and this gate Sanwa GT-0 Round Restrictor Plate. I too have the octogate atm but want to ttry this JBW stick. Its feels so round and smooth and feels like the old school SF2 cabinet sticks

I could have drove to LA and done it for you.

OMG now you tell me >:-|

MAS sticks and the Nubytech SF Anniversary Edition sticks are the only cases that I can think of that’ll take Happ/iL parts without any trouble.

MAS you can order with a console preference, the SFAE stick was PS2/Xbox1 though usable on current systems with a converter (depending on the PCB version).

Also just to note you can, with Arthongs plexis, at least replace the buttons on a TE or HRAP with Happ/iL buttons though you’ll need to swap out for different quick disconnects. The stick is going to be a separate issue though a JLW might work.

Ya, MAS, Arcade-In-A-Box & the Nubytech SFAC/SFAE joysticks are the only joysticks I know of that accepts Happ/iL parts. I grew up w/the SF2 American arcade scene as well so sometimes I’d like to be able to kick it old school w/the concave buttons & bat-top sticks.

Slightly OT: I gotta Nubytech SFAE stick for sale in the trading outlet. It’s brand new, just waiting for those Happ/iL parts!!!