Joystick vs controller

alright everyone i need some opinions. Currently i use the xbox 360 controller to play SF2THD, and i am thinking of getting a joystick. i would like to know what brands would be the best and why? or whether there are any good controllers out there to use for street fighter, all help is much appreciated!

There are decent Hori & Madcatz sticks at the $50-$75 level that you can get (I believe Madcatz is making a SF4 one?).

For really high quality stuff (authentic arcade components that can take abuse) you will need to shell out anywhere from $100-$200 though. If you can get the time and materials to build yourself a stick from Happ/Sanwa parts it’ll probably run you $80-$100 in parts. The alternative is to order a custom-built one from places like MAS Systems or Arcade In A Box, those will set you back $150 minimum.

Look in the SRK tech/modding forum for custom stick/controller discussion.

was it very difficult for you to put that all together. I am thinking i’ll go with the arcade in a box stick. a freind of mine is a MK forum moderater and he knows the guy who builds the arcade in a box sticks and he trusts the quality…and thats what im really lookin for is if it will last a long time and take the abuse that street figher puts on any controller

I just got an EX2, and have no desire to mod it just yet. It’s hard enough getting used to the bloody thing as it is! I’m un-learning 10 years of D-pad input.

Although, the two things that are instantly easier are the SRK motion and waggling out of dizzies.

if you want to go with arcade in a box youd probably be better served just waiting for the madcatz sf4 tournament edition sticks

How do you even do the SRK motion with a D-Pad.

It’s trivial from the 1P side for me - I have my thumb tip on the Right direction, with the knuckle resting on the down direction. Tap with thumb tip, then roll knuckle to tip again. From the 2P side it’s a pain in the ass that never works reliably!

Playing with a d-pad (especially the Xbox 360’s d-pad) is an exercise in frustration. Nothing is more frustrating to me than losing a match because I couldn’t pull off a SRK in time and ate a jump kick to the face. I am playing on a pad at the moment and, like I said, it sucks. I ordered one of the SFIV Madcatz sticks. I’m sure it’ll take me awhile to “unlearn” the d-pad and learn to use an arcade stick, but I’m also sure it’ll be worth the time and effort.

I’d hold off on the HoriEX2 as a choice. Just wait a month or so and take a look at the Madcatz sticks. The TE is going to be the best stick you can buy from the public.

The non TE is shaping up to blow the HoriEX sticks out of the water at a similar price range, not to mention easy modding and that the thing shouldn’t crap out after a couple months like an EX.

hmmmm if the ex’s are crap i might also keep an eye on the madcatz ones. At least then I’ll be able to pretend to my mates that they have an equal chance playing 2P against me…

i completely feel you on that one, thats why i am shopping around with arcade sticks. What a buddy of mine told me is that basically you get waht you pay for, and i really want to get my moneys worth out of a stick cus i play quite a bit

I feel your pain too. I used to be a pretty decent ryu player on the SNES version of the game, but now i had to choose Honda as my main because i can’t do even a fucking Hadouken, let alone a Dragon Punch.

It’s not that the pad is always a bad choice, but it’s the 360 d-pad that really stinks. Damn, it’s just horrible. I used to play SF Alpha with the psx pad and always had no problem at all, but i can’t play with this green shit at all.

I want a solid online experience so i went for the 360 version, and i’ll probably do the same with SF4. I guess i just have to buy an arcade stick. -_-

lol its not too expensive to get the fight stick for sf4 just be wary of what you buy lol hence why i started this thread