Joystick Stiffness?

So I’ve been reading up on this, is it easier to do Rising Jaguars/Shoryukens with a tighter joystick?

If so, what kind of Joystick+Springs do you recommend for someone’s first time customizing a Fightstick?

I would recommend keeping the standard JLF (or upgrading to one if you have a knockoff stick), keeping the square gate, and getting several springs from LizardLick to mess around with. In particular get a couple LS-33 springs as they are light and easy to use as a set of 2, or adding one to another existing spring to increase stiffness.

Really though, you should be able to do DPs on a stock JLF just fine. If you can’t you probably just need more practice. You may find yourself liking the tightness for a particular thing or two, but remember it affects all operation of the stick, so everything else changes too.