[Joystick] SNK Neo-Geo Stick

What joystick does the original SNK Neo-Geo Stick use?
And what is up with that cracking that you often see on them?

What do version 2 and 3 use?
I only can make up that some use a larger ball.

Are the buttons propriety material or can I find them elsewhere?

i dont think they used any particular type of stick
they look like this one withouth the extra buttons of course


heres a pic of the original

Here is more about it:

I would like to know because so far it is the only stick
where all the moves I make come out 100 %.


The above comparisons show that the Neo Geo stick is a custom Seimitsu model made for SNK in the late 80’s. The LS-30 (Ikari Warriors, Guerrilla War, etc.) and LS-32 belong to the same era. The Neo Geo joystick uses Matsushita microswitches for the stick and Tokai switches for the buttons, just like Seimitsu sticks and buttons. Japanese SNK cabs use Seimitsu parts exclusively which goes to show there was a close relationship between SNK and Seimitsu so it’s understandable that when SNK needed to manufacture an arcade stick for their home system they turned to Seimitsu.