Joystick robustness

I just got a HRAP 3 and was wondering how robust the joystick is. When i received it in the mail, I noticed that the joystick had punctured a hole in the box (original) means that there was some serious pressure on it. Could this have done any damage to the stick? I’ve tried it and it works fine.

If the stick itself has not suffered any damage, I wouldn’t worry about it. My HRAP2 box looked like it had been shot through with an anti-tank rifle, but the stick was untouched.

If your stick is all marred up or some shit, make use of shipping insurance. It’s your best friend during times like these.

(Oh, to answer your question: the sides are fucking invincible, the bottom is tough as hell, and even the top can withstand some fair punishment. So long as the stick and buttons aren’t smashed up…)

nah its not marred in any way, works fine! just wondering it if has shortened its life span thats all, thanks for your answer deadfrog

It should be able to take some punishment. Even if it does have a shortened lifespan, installing a new one is pretty simple. Just takes a little examining =)