Joystick problem

Hey guys

I have an arcade stick (SE full sanwa) for a while, but i never noticed that the joystick (JLF-TP-8YT) was very loose. However, last weekend i went to a tornament and i compared my stick to the others on the room and i was quite surprise. Almost every other arcade stick had a much more stiff joystick.

Can someone tell me some hints about this? I already opened my arcade stick twice to see if there was something wrong, but i couldn’t tell… Thanks in advance

“every other arcade stick” meaning Seimitsu /Sanwa /Stock? did the owners tell you if the had modded their stick with?

Well you said you have had your stick for a while. Joysticks will become more loose over time, especially Sanwa JLFs. I know for a fact i’ve played on some JLFs that are a few years old and the joystick is so loose a soft breeze would probably move it lol.

Joysticks get loose over time.
And a lot of people modify their Joysticks.

Man, the JLF spring is so weak. Happ springs are intense :rock: Some people put two in there. And of course, different sticks and different springs. Could replace it or mod it with a tougher one.