Joystick Modding Help

I just bought my first stick. After years of pad play I felt the urge to try it. I bought a nice, cheap, well reviewed starter stick. (Venom Fight Stick)

I started practising, and everything feels really good. Except I feel like the stick has a kind of awkward stock joystick. (right inputs off and misaligned and I have to move the stick further on the right than on the left). Overall sort of janky feeling stick. So I decided to buy a Sanwa JLF Joystick to replace it. Feels way more responsive out of the box. However when I opened up the fight stick I noticed that the stock joystick has soldered wires instead of the 5 pin connector. I’m not quite sure what I need to do to to properly put in the new stick. The JLF stick has a 5 pin connector with 5 wires on the other side. But the stock stick has 6 soldered wires connected to the joystick’s PCB and the other side is 4 2(?) pin connectors labelled up, down, left, right on the controller PCB.

I don’t know much about hardware so bare with me on a few things, but how do I install the new stick?

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Connect the 5 pin harness to your jlf joystick. Solder a wire going from a directional signal on the 5 pin JLF harness to the appropriate point on the Venom PCB (i.e. the up wire on the harness to the up on the venom pcb, down to down, etc). The 5th black wire on the 5 pin harness is just a ground wire for the whole thing, so just solder that to a ground point on the venom pcb.

This is the Venom PCB. Which wires get soldered where

I don’t think you’re going to have to solder anything.
Presumably that connector on the far right is for the stick. Can you take a shot of the full internals so I can be sure?
If it is the 4 smaller connectors, that’s a doddle too, just means you’ll need to split the ground wire 4 ways.

I think the empty 5 pin is the same as the individual 2 pin connectors signal wise, so he can just use that. Check the Venom thread. Someone mentioned it there.

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You could use a double sided 5 pin jst harness to connect it, or you could splice a normal 5 pin harness into the original wires. I recommend using a euro style terminal strip if you take the latter route, it’s easy to rearrange wires if you make a mistake.

Double sided jst harness:

Lots of discussion about the Venom arcade stick (including much about the joystick issue) in this thread: Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

A C&P from an explanation I gave to someone else about splicing in on the venom or mayflash V2 in the venom thread:

Okay, I bought the 5 pin wire and it just now got here. I put it in the 5 pin connector on the left side (labelled ‘XY/POV’), but now only up input works on both the dpad and left stick settings.

Nevermind. The pack of wires came with 5 and I just used a different one and it worked fine.

Sounds like you had the joystick end of the harness flipped upside down. Happens to everyone at some point.