Joystick Help

I’m looking for a joystick to purchase. I am really into MvC2 (Marvel vs Capcom 2) and I am looking for a good stick. Please help and give me some links. I’ve been looking all over the place and I can’t find any. What kind of Stick does Justin Wong, Yipes, etc. Use? please help.:lovin:

No you haven’t

Otherwise you would have seen this in the stickies

and they probably use MAS sticks

google it.

The MAS is your best bet, about $90. Expensive but worth it:

Before you ask if there is anything cheaper of comparable quality, no not likely, and when it comes to arcade sticks “cheap” is NOT something you want.

Edit: And in case you think to ask later on, STAY AWAY from the X-arcade!!!

Don’t buy it from estarland. Buy it from or

Gonna cost more than $90 if he gets a P360.