Joypad Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightPad SD on PC

I am new to this forum and i wanted to ask if the madcatz joypad will work on a PC since it is 20 € cheaper i would prefer to buy the ps3 one.
I will also link the product. I only play sf4:ae and sfxt

I hope you can answer me this question and also i hope i am in the right forum for this post :slight_smile:

Yes, it does work on PC.

PS3 usb controllers should be able to work right away. For Xbox 360 ones, they will work automatically in Windows 7, but in XP you have to download certain drivers for Xbox 360 sticks/fightpads to work.

OP, do keep in mind that the Madcatz fightpads don’t last very long, just a heads up.

Thanks for the information. I now settled on the Datel Arcade stick and the stick feels quite nice. Eventhough the buttons feel like they wont be that great.