Journey of a TigerLord: Vs Dudley

“So you are the gentleman boxer from Britain. Truly, you are worthy of the title of the British champion.”

I’ll cut to the chase. This is a challenge/match-up thread. Basically, I want the Dudley forums help in researching this match. I’ll play you and learn this match the best I can and gain lots of exp. I get to step up game as a player and of course you do too AND you get a free match-up write-up out of the deal after a few weeks of me playing and learning the match. I already have a good feel for this match, but some extra exposure is always a good thing. So help me out Dudley forums.

PSN is EmblemLord. I will only use Sagat, despite my knowing how to play other chars.

W/e knowledge I gain I will post. I post tips and strats from both sides of the match-up FYI. I look forward to facing off with you guys.

Edit: Link to write-up

When are you usually on? I’m game to try but I have a feeling you will absolutely crush me…

How good of an opponent are you looking you for? I would enjoy having more exposure vs players above my skill but I don’t want to be a waste of time for you.

Don’t matter to me. Everything is a learning exp. Whether I demolish someone or they demolish me or we have super close games, it’s all good IMO.

PSN: X_the_Genius

I’m on the East Coast and usually play in the midday or 1am-ish.

This is where i cry because i dont have super for ps3

pattybenpatty is the PSN name, in Orlando FL. usually play for an hour or so around 5pm.

Ok, well I had an appointment with a client today, but since I only had one I just handed it off to a colleague of mine. So I’m free all day. Feel free to send me friend requests and invites.

emblem lord? the one i know?

Too bad your not on live man, I would like to take a crack at your Gat, would be fun.

Gimpyfish62: Indeed.

Hush hush.

you are gonna get us beaten up. :slight_smile:

I’ve totally played you before. This week, even. I don’t remember the match at all. I just remember your name, though. Rorschach88’s my name. I’m up for Endless Battle, though. Too many crappy Sagats give me the false impression that he’s a pushover in the Dudley matchup.

Hmm, ok I’ll send you a friend request.

i got a dudley friend hes pretty good hes been playin with dudley since super was out he could be good practice for u
his psn is MAXXCHAOS

I could play. I suck, though. Add me on PSN - HisNameIsL.

ha ha ha, I didn’t know you also played Super ; )

super is so good hahaha


you play on live?

Lord_Infamous is my psn. Live in Orlando east cost and I’m usually on around 11 pm. I would love to face a good sagat. I’ve yet to face a good one with dud. I’d like to learn the match up a bit more myself.

Sounds good. Wouldn’t mind some Fei-Long experience too.

PSN ID on the left. Watching EVO all day, but wouldn’t mind trying something this upcoming weekend.

my psn is applefilla, i’m down to play some dudley for you