JoJo's Casuals

Im really hoping to make my first EVO this year.
Im new to the forums, but not to the site. Ive been looking through here for info all the time.

If i do make it, crosses fingers, after i loose in Tekken 5 and 3S i was gonna set up some Jojo’s Bizarre adventure on DC.

Just wondering if anyone would be interested.


If I saw it I’d probably sit for a few rounds, cool game :tup:

Cool man, I would love to get some comp in that game.

The game is broken but in a very fun way.

Shadow Dio and Holhorse all the way.

il play…


Hol Horse > *

Sounds like fun I might give it a show even though I suck at the game ha…I’ll see you guys at EVO.


Anyone that wants to play ill be up in the BYOC room with my DC and Jojo’s. I got all the hidden chars unlocked so no worries. More than likely ill be wearing a Hooters shirt (black) and blue jean shorts. The names James by the way.


Also, does anyone have a DC version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves??? Id love to play that some, but i nevr got in on DC only EMUs.

As a matter of fact I will also have my DC with JoJo, Garou and a lot of other fighters for it as well. We Socal peps are running a Garou tourney in the BYOC room. We also plan on having a lot of casual matches as well so if you’d like to joib us stop on by our gruop. I’ll see you guys at EVO.


Sounds good. Hope to be there.


Anyone else interested?

aww hell im tossin my hat in the ring…why not get my ass kicked at something so goofy and funny :slight_smile:

Hey man the more the merrier.

Well, everyone…ends up im not coming so no Jojo casuals afterall.

Damn, i thought i would make this year. NEXT YEAR IT IS!

well maybe no jojo for you but hopefully enough ppl will be playin for the rest of us. WWWRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

whos brining the game?

I’ll bring my DC with JoJo and some other games as well…not sure how it will all be setup. I’ll see whats up once EVO gets going…if you guys see a JoJo setup just stop by and play. Take care.