"Join me for a spot of tea and crumpets old chap" Dudley partners thread

Who is your partner of choice for the gentleman? Right now I’m running either Hwoawrang or Nina, since I believe MGB gives Hwoawrang a easy time to set up his over head mix up game, and for Nina her easy command grab resets and good footsie game.

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Someone is going to get offended. Waiting on it.

I’m going Juri/Dudley right now, as the maniacal Korean nymph has little troubles actually getting in on an opponent or setting up a situation where Dudley can come in and start his pressure game. Part of me would like to bring him out as a point man at all times due to the great walk speed and damage starters, but getting that momentum in the beginning of the round is crucial in this game. Especially since footsies are extremely important and can easily cause him to lose about a 1/4 of his health due to him still having the weakness of mediocre choices compared to the more popular characters. Once Juri gets our pugilist in, I can go to town with his mix-up game and more.

Part of me wants to pair him up with Bryan or Christie though. We’ll see how that goes.

Dudley and Emile. She gets free mix ups off MGB and the damage out put prior to mix up is disgusting. Aesthetically they are perfect, seeing how the both come from high class families and drink tea. =0 The only person I can think of that has that much synergy with her is Vega.

TL;DR Matching socks

I want to main Sagat & Dudley, but Dudley & Kazyua!!! aka…Team “We Hit Like Grown Ass MEN!!”"
If Dudley or Kazyua touches you with meter…**BRUTALITY!!:wow: **


I don’t feel that I need to explain myself.

i play yoshi/dudley and dudley/king depending how im feeling. yoshi w/ meter can tag dudley in for full combo’s. guaranteed 400+ dmg even if you just do sHk-hpMGB. but yoshi is terrible in this game =( so i now im maining king dudley. i basically am playing him as a counter style until i get the opponent on the ground. being patient waiting to get off his counter move or a mpSrk. once their on the ground rush em down and king does great damage as a combo ender. knee to RJB loops always get me around 500 dmg. which basically means i catch you twice your dead. =)

Cody x Dudley is OP. Just saying, they have a ton of synergy, and they can do tag combos in the corner that last for hours due to their easy access to bounds. I like Cody on point due to Cody’s awesome footsies. He’s a good character to bring in Dudley second, who will have more meter to use on EX MGB and tag cancels.

I also like Elena x Dudley. Elena’s got some great normals, and it’s easy for her to open people up using Mallet Smash/Lynx Tail shenanigans. I don’t think she’s Dudley’s ideal partner, but she works very well for an official partner.

I’m thinking about picking this game up again when the patch comes out. I’m gonna rock the classiest team of Dudley + Lili - because I have dignity.

They could totally celebrate their wins with tea time together afterwards. The team makes so much sense.

Seriously though, I would say this team is really good, preferably with Dudley in front. Once he has one meter he can bring in Lili for some fun MGB tag-cancel combos, which will net Lili a lot of damage and a potential hard knockdown. Since Dudley is good at opening foes up at close range, this should be no problem once he gets in.

when the patch comes on again I’m manning dudley and king. king is my long time favorite character in this game and dudley my playstyle exactly

Just wondering if cody x dudley is still good. Ive been using Law x Dudley. Law is a great character in general and he has some really sick tag combos with Dudley.

Dudley Paul has been treating me well. Very high damage.

Dudley/Kuma is my team. I like MGB tag Kuma Combo, its like 350 for 1 bar.

Dudley and Lars is working well with me.

Doing Dudley/Guy as I tried out the two separately and really liked them, so I tried putting them together and well, they work pretty well together. Guy’s pretty dang sick.

Hello! New to this thread. I’m practicing Dudley with Yoshi. Yoshi’s gimmicks/mindgames/mixups whatever complement Dudley really well from what people tell and what ive played with so far

No love for Dudley/Sakura or Dudley/Marduk? :D <br><div><br></div><div>DudxSak:</div><div>- Safe Tag In/Out<span class=“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> </span>- Good Walk Speeds</div><div>- Good Damage<span class=“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> </span></div><div>- TONS of frame traps</div><div>- Good Resets</div><div>- Great Damage</div><div><br></div><div>DudxMar:</div><div>- HUGE damage<span class=“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> </span>- 400+ Damage with 1 bar :D</div><div>- Nasty resets</div><div>- Strong Tags</div><div><br></div>

I really like to use Dudley with Bryan, it’s a really strong combo. MGB helps to increase the damage of tag cancels for Bryan, and the same way from Bryan to Dudley. Both have great pressure and normals, anyone who likes a heavy pressure + damage team, should try that :slight_smile:

I tried to use Dudley in AE, but he kinda just didn’t fit. But in SFxT, he just makes sense and just fits this game so well.<br><br>Was using Rolento x Bison and Rolento x Marduk during my soul search. Bison just didn’t have enough practical damage output, whereas Marduk did damage but like all grapplers, could be zoned out.<br><br>Dudley has insane walkspeed, good damage output, good jab and hit confirms, an overhead, a dp, tools to get around fireballs. I almost want to cry that I had to try out every other character but I found Dudley.<br>

Right now I’m trying to work him in as an anchor for Poison.  But currently I want to make a boxer team.  Who is better for Duds, Balrog or Steve?