John Demjanjuk guilty of Nazi death camp murders

BBC News - John Demjanjuk guilty of Nazi death camp murders

Should this old ass be thrown behind bars?

Yes and let them pop his long expired cherry.

Isn’t it too late for that anyways? I mean what’s the point of going through with all that NOW.

I agree, probably can’t get it up, he’s got no feelings, he’s dead inside, and he’s going to fall over in his chair in like three years anyways. Might aswell let him suffer with his family instead of getting ass rammed by some bro with a wrinkle fetish.

He should get the gas chamber

One way ticket to Pine oil heaven.

Give him…the bees…

More propaganda.


I’m glad to see this being done to all those included, even mere guards at death camps. The notion of “I was under orders so I’m exempt from the consequences” makes me sick. Glad they didn’t decide to let this go because of his age.