John Choi's Tourney Appearonce Results

Fairfield Tilt Tourney Full Results:


  1. John Choi “Choiboy” C akuma/ken, guile r2 sagat (408)
  2. Ricky Ortiz A vega, sak, r2 blanka (408)
  3. George Maldonado “SIN” K yama, gese, r2 iori (707)
  4. Mike Witt S groove was beasting (408)
  5. Mikey Rasphone A sak, Blanka, r2 bison didnt put down area code
  6. Jason Cho (408)
  7. Aaron Hannon (707)
  8. Joe Le (408)
  9. Albert C. (408)
  10. Allen Chang (918)
  11. Forrest greene P Nokaruru, cammy r2 blanka (707)
  12. Renel G. (707)
  13. Tyler Ramil “Tyram” (707)
  14. Daniel Roh “Nightwing” (707)
  15. Andy Adams “Hermy” (805)
  16. Dan Bohnett “bohnett” (415)
  17. Wyatt Lewin (916)
  18. Mark Boatright “Tharimrattler” C teryy, ken, r2 Sagat (707)
  19. Roy Vegas
  20. Thuy Long (408)

I have some vids on the way so keep your eyes open for them. Thanks to al who showed up for this game and hope you come again.


  1. Dan Thompson “Spider-Dan” (707)
  2. Daniel Roh “Nightwing” (707)
  3. matt Pepper (707)
  4. Wyatt Lewin (916)
  5. Chalaw
  6. Dan bohnett “bohnett” (415)
  7. Stephan
  8. two2Tone

Thanks all for finally getting this game a tourney, even if there was only 8 people. having the tourney was the only thing that mattered. Thanks guys, KEEP IT UP! Thanks, spider dan for helping run the game.


  1. Ricky Ortiz (408)
  2. Scott Lockhart “spirit Juice” (916)
  3. Hao Liu (916)
  4. Andy Adams “Hermy” (805)
  5. Dan Thompson “Spider-Dan” (707)
  6. Rodrigo de la Reza “Honnou”
  7. Daniel Roh “Nightwing” (707)
  8. Cliff Kim “Mr. Whoopie”
  9. Andy K.
  10. Aaron hannaon “Shinobi00” (707)

Damn, this game is picking up man. Yo good shit to Spirit Juice for helping out with the tourney. good shit man.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. John Choi “ChoiBoy”
  3. Joe Le “MOjoe”
  4. Jason Cho
  5. Joe Flores “CPS IV”
  6. Huy Pham “ConFuZsion”
  7. Marcel “Lintrix”
  8. Nick B.
  9. Allen Chang
  10. Mikey Rosphone
  11. Hao Liu
  12. Scott Lockhart 'Spirit Juice"
  13. john Davis
  14. Wyatt Lewin
  15. Aaron Hannon “Shinobi00”
  16. Dan Bohnett
  17. Albert C.
  18. Roy Vegas
  19. Two2tone
  20. Andy Adams
  21. Daniel Roh “Nightwing”
  22. Andrew Hall
  23. David marshall

Great turnout everyone! We really got to have this shit again. Its good that you guys are not letting the gameing world die. This is the shit that im talking about. not enough thanks yous can be given to express my thanks to each and everyone of you who came out to play and show what you got. Practice up and come on back for another round yall. .

sorry to be the first asshole to ask this, but any vids?

Hmm, so Choi still got his game, eh? And I see Ricky still has it in 3rd strike.:nunchuck:

YES!, vids are now being put in my youtube profile so they will be done shortly. i will let you all know when they are up.

some vids are up on here are the names of trhe vids guys.

tyram vs John choi
Allen Chang vs John Choi
Mark Boatright vs misconception
Forrest greene vs John Choi

There will be many more vids to come in a few days guys I will keep you updated.

allen, drop rock you scrub.

more vids are up. here are the names.

anthony myen interview
pyro lee interview

search for these at thanks. please dont forget to add comments to the vids thanks.

Can someone post a direct link so i don’t have to search for the choi matches :bgrin:

here is the link.

haha…“myen”…i like that…but it’s “nguyen” by the way. =p

Thanks for the correction.

:sad: :sad: :sad:

dont’ complain when you play my A-dan!