John Cena Thread

Love or hate you cannot debate that this man is in the center of the WWE and he is surrounded by all of us



Don’t we have a wrestling thread? Fuck is this shit…

I actually liked your post bro it’s just that, do you actually talk about something like this on that thread?

Although I am bruised & battered, my will power is sapped & I can’t feel my Penis,
I would still fap, cause I never give up, and all for you the WWE UNIVERSE

Who the fuck is John Cena?
WWF is all about Shawn Michaels And “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
Get outta here with that bushleague shit.

lol Cena.

D.Bry is all you need.

hate to break it to ya bro, but it isn’t WWF anymore you slowpoke

John Cena doesn’t need a cruddy one word phrase to be over


cenation stand up

I have no clue who John Cena is, but I felt bad for laughing at this.

Nothing more than your typical obese WWE fan.

pablo as you are mex you should be all about juan cena

I assume this thread will be locked, but I just wanted to say: John Cena lost all appeal when he turned face.

Honestly just as there are FF and Halo threads even though there are already general console threads, John Cena is big enough to require his own instead of being stuck discussed by the seborrheic dermatitis havin hatin ass bitchs in the wrestling thread

Grown men watching a soap opera featuring half naked grown men groping and spiting on each other?

Gonna have to pass on that one fellows.

At least the gay guys keep all their faggotry in one thread.

Sounds like someone needs to Rise Above Hate

Rise above?

Shit, I am G6-ing over this sea of man flesh you guys are fixated on and just happened to look down. My poor eyes.

man that was just the worst