JLF wire harness HELP!

Okay so I just got the Sanwa JLF stick with the wire harness. I tried putting the stick in, but when I push the stick right it wont work. I think it might be the wires, but I have no clue how to change the wire harness in the stick. Can someone please help me?!

More information.

I bought A Sanwa Sanwa Joystick JLF-TP-8YT from ArcadeSpareparts.com It came with A 5-pin JLF wire harness that has a black, green, orange, red, and yellow wires. I’m trying to put it in my Madcatz Street Fighter IV SE fightstick.

use the stock wire harness already in the stick. also make sure the pcb of the jlf is the correct orientation.

it looks like it is, but still when I try the joystick, It still show me moving right on the screen when i move right on the joystick. I can only go up, down, and left.

Typically that’s caused by gunk in the connector.

So how do I get the gunk out?

Yes, it is usually because of yuck inside the Connector.

I don’t know how to clean, as I never had to.
Some say to just connect to the Joystick and then wiggle it.

A better way is to use the Connector that is on the Wire Harness that you received with JLF.
Hard way is to replace the whole Mad Catz Wire Harness with the one you have.
Other way is to just swap the Connector.

rtdzign, I thought you would put this up.

Only two people have ever done the first way shown in Quote.
I don’t know why.

Wow… I swear to the old sleeping god beneath the sea, I love JDM and RTD!!
-full of info, and have their old work book marked for easy reference ! (i’ll assume, and you know what that means)

Yeah JDM has a library of links. Now that I think of it popping out the individual wires out of the madcatz harness and putting them in the JLF connector sounds like the best idea ever. Hope the headers on the wires are cross compatible.

The problem is guck between the pin on the stick and the wire. If you can pop out the wire and clean it, you’re probably good to go. When I had the problem, I was able to get the stuff with a safety pin.

Now that I have it, I’d be inclined to cover wire-to-wire joints with shrink tubing…If I ever build a custom, I’ll be tempted to use a clear plexi top and wire nuts.

ok so I bought the terminal strip thing, but I think i botched it, so is there any way i can order the wires with the connectors already on it so I can just plug it into the pcb. When I did the terminal strip, it only recognized up.

I think you just mixed up your wires is all.

You cannot order a Wire Harness that has end for Joystick and end for Mad Catz PCB.
You can make your own if you have $250+ Crimper Tools like me.
You can buy someones Mad Catz Wire Harness?

Just give it another shot, but without the terminal strip. Soldering the Sanwa harness is the better choice here. You get some Heat shrink tube and it looks lovely. I had to do this for my PS3 SE because the harness would constantly fall off the joystick for me. Now its perfect

Thansk for all the help guys. I got it to work with the terminal strip, i just had the wires in backwards. lol. dumb me.

Hi all ,

I am looking into the possibility of modifying an “Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition joystick” (which is actually for usb)
Is it possible to wire the joystick and the button directly to the corresponding jamma harness pins? (bypassing all the rest inside this joystick)
So i mean straight from the button and stick connections to corresponding jammaboard pins

Like up , down left right and buttons 1 through 6?

The buttons i believe should be no problem but i am not sure about the stick

Appreciate the help!

Keep the stick intact and use Undammned USB Decoder instead. http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/undamned-usb-decoder/1551-undamned-db15-usb-decoder.html

yes i tried to find those but i cannot seem to find a shop that has them :frowning:
Does anyone here have 2 undamned usb decoders lying around for sale?

I am looking for the ones you connect to jamma edge on the undamned board to usb
(so not the DB25 ones as i want to integrate them in the case rather than adding the DB25 to usb converter to the DB25 joystick port on the front of my jamma case)

so this one:

If you anyone has 2 of these…

thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

Ask in the trading outlet also be sure to read the rules