Jlf problem

Hi everyone
Ive recently bought a jlf and it seems to be slightly wobbly when in neutral. from some investigation it seems to be cause the pivot and the spring cover dont sit completely flush on the shaft, with a very small gap between them and the shaft. the wobble is only very slight at that point but it gets amplified at the balltop. Has anyone else had this problem and have a fix for it or are the parts faulty?

Have you played on other Sanwa JLF before?
Because this sounds normal to me.

Am I not understand about your situation?

can’t say that I have, but Ive played with other sticks that haven’t had this issue. Considering how particular some people are about joysticks and many people on these forums reccomend the jlf, I wouldve thought this would be a problem for some.I suppose i might try gluing the pivot to the shaft and see if that helps, as Im finding this quite annoying.

Don’t glue anything, take pictures and show us what you’re talking about.

Its would be difficult to take a picture of it, its a very small gap between the pivot and shaft. when i disassemble it and slide the pivot onto the shaft, it wobbles slightly ie the metal shaft is slightly too thin or the hole in the pivot is slightly too big.

Is this what you are experiencing?

yes we all have the same thing as in the vid above. that is the neutral zone of the stick. it has a very slight play to it.

Yeah thats what i mean. It really doesn’t bother you?

It is normal.
That is called Deadzone.

If it bothers you, you can put like tape on the Actuator.

Or heatshrink.

No, not at all.

I’ve done some tinkering and I’ve reduced it a lot. I’ve put so me tape around the top of the actuator until the switches are permanently in contact with it. that seems to get rid of the problem of the spring cover not returning to its original poistion when moved as the switches resistance pushes it back into place. Ive also put some thinner sticky tape on the shaft which reduces the gap, reducing the wobbling significantly. Dont know how long that tape will last though. Will try an extra spring sometime as well.