JLF knock-off?

So I won this 2009 Round 1 TE off eBay.

I opened it up today and noticed that the stick doesn’t look like a JLF at all, it almost looks like the SE stick but at the same time it doesn’t. I’d take a picture but my camera’s batteries are dead.

It has the same mounting plate, shitty e-ring and actuator and getting gates on and off is a pain.

Yet it uses the same microswitches as the genuine JLF and has a serial number printed on the PCB “SN-05001N 1” which is the 8T isn’t it?

Also the 5 pin male connector has no plastic, it’s all exposed.

I think the guy just swapped it out with some bootleg Chinese knock-off JLF. I just want to know if I’m either wrong, right and it was the seller who did it or was it Madcatz. I’m leaning towards seller though.

Well, now I have a reason to buy an LS-56. I’m not going to sell my other stick with a knock-off in it. :C

Could be the eBay seller swapped a JLF out with a Madcatz SE joystick or the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Wii Madcatz JLF clone.

Either way, you did get ripped off. Very dishonest!

One way to tell IF it’s the Tats Vs Capcom OEM joystick is if there’s visible “rounded” wiring on the outside of the PCB with the integrated microswitches. IF that’s the case, then it’s definitely the Madcatz clone stick.

What you say about the gate being difficult to remove is can also be a dead giveaway that it’s a Mad Catz clone.

This is an example of why I don’t like to buy used goods online OR deal with people who don’t have a long, established history of integrity…

The gate should have the word “Sanwa” molded into the restrictor plate that came with it. Madcatz doesn’t remove the Sanwa logo from its tournament edition sticks.

Doesn’t sound like a real JLF. Madcatz doesn’t mess with them like that.

Such are the risk you get getting things from eBay.
When I was purchasing old NES and SNES carts from eBay, the amount of dirt and filth that is packed into it is … Hideous.
It can take me as long as a half an hour each to clean the dirt out with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.
And this is from a reputable dealers. Order from some shady asshole, and god knows what your getting. This did not happen to me but is a favorite eBay horror story of mine; Oh a cheap PSP, turns out in the PSP’s box is a busted game boy inside.

It’s a Sanwa gate, both of the gates I got. Square and Octo.

Oh and it seems it’s harder to screw ball-tops on. Not by much though.

Ok, I took some poor pictures with my phone.

Well, I’m not all that mad, I mostly just wanted the TE shell. (Markman you need to get Madcatz to sell TE shells or “SE upgrade kits.”

Just bumping this to get some clarification.

Is that N right next to the 5pin connector ‘red goop’? And does the switches say Omron? Check to see if the mounting plate is shiny and smooth (Sanwa) or dull and slightly rough (Madcatz/knockoff).

That looks like an SE shell your stick is sitting in. Plus your harness looks like one from an SE stick. Are you sure you have a TE?

Looks like you got an SE with an octo-gate mod and not a TE.

That’s not even the new microswitch/PCB assembly from the TvC, but the older, crappy one from the SFIV SE.

Sorry for the confusion, I had the SE before, I took the JLF out of my SE and put it into my TE and put the other stick that came with the TE into my SE.

Anyway, the stick has Omron switches, has a totally exposed 5 PIN (which the SE doesn’t) but it also has the SE like shaft with the shitty e-clip and poor actuator.

Thanks d3v so it IS the SE stock, though the SE I had didn’t have a stick this poor. Why would it have a serial number for a Sanwa joystick on it though? I don’t think Madcatz would put that on there. Oh well I got what I wanted minus another JLF.