Jin needs help! (which one looks better?)

Hey guys, I’m making an arcade stick, and have two pictures, I have no idea which I should use. My friend helped me with the yellow background, and I edited the picture of Ashley.



These are not the sizes, I just shrunk it down a little bit for the convience of you guys. Thanks in advance!

Yes, I know it’s wide, I already have a compact stick from Byrdo, but I want one that’s wide, so it can sit on my lap comfortably.

I’d say the first one…

i agree

don’t add black as a 4th color with all light colors… it makes it look crappy on that side.

1st > 2nd

Yeah, #2 is lighter on my copy, just turns a little dark…unless I uploaded wrong picture…Hmmmm

I was thinking #1 was better.