Jin BNB Combos and some other tips. Lol B Tier.... no He's S TIER!

Please do give credits if you add those to SRK Guide. Im supershadonic of gamefaqs and Capcom Unity and ultrapowerlevel on most places.


Don’t remember damage for some combos.

1 Aerial HP> Standing HP> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Standing MK> Special Step> MP Roundhouse Punch. (374 damage)

2 Aerial HP> Crouching HP> Mental Alertness> LP> HP Move. (350+ damage)

3 Aerial HP> Standing HP> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Standing MK> Super Art (2 guages) (520+ damage)

4 Aerial HP> Standing HP> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Standing MK> EX Fireball with Medium and Low (Both fireballs will hit)> Super Art (3 guages) (588 damage)

5 On Jumping Opponent. Mental Alertness> LK Flying Kick> Crouching MP> Superart

6 On Jumping Opponent. Mental Alertness> LK Flying Kick> Crouching MP> EX Fireball Medium and Light> Superart

7 On Jumping Opponent. Mental Alertness> LK Flying Kick> Crouching MP> Special Step> MP Roundhouse Punch.

8 Aerial HP> Standing HP> EX fbf Punch> quick forward followed with crouching HP> Superart (Havnt tried this combo with EX Fireballs yet though I think juggle rate wont allow Superart after)

9 In Corner. Aerial HP> Standing HP> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Crouching HP> Crouching HP> Superart.

10 In Corner. Aerial HP> Standing HP> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Crouching HP> Crouching HP> Mental Alertness> LK Flying Kick.

11 Aerial HP> Standing HP> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Standing MK> Mental Altertness> LK Flying Kick. (Does less damage than combo 1 but more stylish imo)

12 Aerial HP> Standing HP> EX Mental Alertness> HP (Staggers big)> Target combo (Standing LP> Standing MP can be followed up)> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Standing MK> Superart

13 Aerial HP> Standing HP> EX Mental Alertness> HP (Staggers big)> Target combo (Standing LP> Standing MP can be followed up)> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Standing MK> Special Step> MP Roundhouse Punch. (Dont use another uppercut… it will do lesser damage and you cant follow up with another attack due to juggle counter finished.)

14 In Corner. Aerial HP> Standing HP> EX Mental Alertness> HP (Staggers big)> Target combo (Standing LP> Standing MP can be followed up)> Special Step> LP Uppercut> Crouching HP> Crouching HP> Superart.




Note: To do his Secial Step cancel easily… simply hold Forward on aerial attack. After Aerial HP… as soon as you hit the HP button for standing fierce… let go of forward… and as soon as your HP connects… do a QCF motion and see the Special Step magic.

Key to doing it is holding forward before the attack you wanna cancel it from and as soon as you see the animation for the normal starting after which you have to special step cancel… let go of forward at this point and do a QCF motion on the normal hit’s contact. I never miss this way.

I can successively Special Step easily with Sanding HP, Standing MK and Standing LP>MP Target combo. Those are easier so practice those first.

Master his Super Armor move. QCB Punch. You can cancel from that into fbf Punch move, Superart or Mental Alertness or Special Step.

You have no guage and successfully block an opponents move with QCB Punch and found a window, go either with a Special Step> LP Uppercut> MK> Special Step> MP Roundhouse Punch
If above is difficult. Then do a Mental Alertness into LP>HP OR HP. Depending on Opponents frame traps… HP comes out fast and does less damage or if next attack is coming out late do a LP>HP in Mental Alertness for bigger damage.

EX QCB Punch into Mental alertness HP can be followed up with LP>MP Target combos making it a great tool for an entire counter combo.

If someone Jumps onto your projecile and you’ve recovered from projectile frames… you can Superart or Cross Art them from their.

His B+MP>HP Target combo works a lot like Guy’s from SSFIV.

JIn’s Aerial HK is an insane cross up with a fierce’s worth of damage. You can use that in all my combos above instead of Aerial HP. And thus do all of the above combos after a successful cross up. Pretty USEFUL and a great tool.

One good frame trap is his Crouching MP>Mental Alertness> HP Quick Jab…then rinse or repeat or do same but with Crouching LP.

His Mental Alertness>Flying Kick LK is very unpredictable and can not only be a superart setup against jumping guys but its a great gap closer too.
I Aerial HK Someone then do a few LPs with opponent blocking… then I suddenly Mental Alertness> Flying Kick LK to close back and do a good frame Trap with LP>MP>HP>Launcher.

You can from close switch sides with a crouching opponent after cancel from a normal… INSANELY DEADLY MIND GAMES HERE.

extremely slow overhead, damage output could be better compared to other characters with meterless 500 damage combos, pokes arent that great look at vega, projectile has ass startup and recovery. this character is B tier (acording to japs) because his tools arent as good as other characters and he is a VERY technical character

I do not see what makes him technical.

He just seems average his overhead is way too slow and leads to about 220ish damage if u link the cr.mp after the 2nd cr.lp. It gets hit out by anyone who likes to push buttons. He seems like a character to get u started before branching out to more difficult and better tekken characters. The only thing to get use to is the motion for SS.

the only overhead worth using is cr.lp cr.lp, s.lp-s.mp target combo, ss overhead. Which is really unsafe it they block it.

Frame traps with MA-mp to get the stagger counter hit Are the way to go.

Anit air with ma lk cr.mp 3bar super for 500+ unrecoverable damage

the thing is, the anti-air has to be fairly pre-emptive since it has startup. Its a good anti air just needs alot of planning. Think about how technical that alone is, planning your special attack as an overhead compared to rolento mashing standning medium punch. What makes him technical is you have to THINK when you use him, not derp. Think. You said it yourself alot of his options for overhead are unsafe, but they are usable if youre smart. Only real safe special move is SS uppercut right? or is that not safe? also whiffing the MA>lk has surprising recovery, but i dont think its safe entirely. Also you say that he is a starter until you get to more difficult characters and well i disagree, while he may not be the best character, hes definitely harder to use than lets say heihachi. his hi-lows are ridiculous, his jump-in is great, he has great synergy with ANYONE thqat combo well out of the air (King) and he does good damage. Frame trap with MA-mp you say? so I have to spend meter to GUARENTEE counterhit, otherwise fishing in the dark with frametraps that reset spacing? Why not just use Kazuya, get a couple mixups and get 400 damage off of some of the easiest hit confirms? THIS is what seperates Jin from the others. Depth, precision, accuracy and execution. EXPower StancexxMA>Swaying Willow isnt difficult to me because I practice exectuion alot, but alot of people are having trouble with fucking SS. part of the reason i dont particularly enjoy high tier THAT much is that they can be too easy to play, making the game boring and dull. I like execution and placement, not mindless tier whoring (not saying other players are tier whores btw im not THAT stupid)

how’s power stance > mental > followup or just mental > followup as an antiair?
PS grant absorb with 3 startup frames and should work against crossups too
MA should do wonders against crossups…need to test if the followup willl be autocorrected or will whiff to the wrong side

airt to ground have a lot of recovery frames so swaying willow (5 startup frames) should behave fine and catch some counter into full combo

this seem a very good defensive option since his cHP won’t cut

MA>antiair follow up is great as a move itself, what sucks about it is getting the inputs out in time if youre trying to AA on reaction. If you predict the jump correctly youll be fine, but if you want to do it on reaction youre going to get hit

The key is not to do it on reaction.

So far i’ve noticed A LOT of jumping in this game. I always just assume they’re going to jump at junction points. I preach this a lot, man… at junctions (teching a throw, after backdashing out of a string, after waking up>backdashing, etc, when there’s a break in the action, many, many people jump. so I just do MA after junctions. if they don’t jump ok, just recover. if they do jump, then tag them for 300 damage. I’m still not seeing how its use is complicated…

aggressive jumping can be avoid by jumping yourself on reaction
jin’s air MK or MP can do very good and if the height is right

MA>LK isn’t his best choice…i would prefer MA>MP and fish for counters into combos (assuming that your opponent is going to attack after air to ground blockstun)

quote from brady’s guide for MA:

so SW will be active on frame 15 after the MA

NOT true.

-If you get hit out of MA LK, theres no follow up damage since they’re in the air. theres no juggling, no combo no nothing. just one hit. (honestly, i’ve never seen it outright beat by an attack that you can juggle after. It either trades in your favor or they get just the one hit)
-If it whiffs, you fly past them, and the situation is reset.
-If you hit them you win free 300 something damage.
-what if they didn’t jump? but you thought they were? Good luck to your opponent trying to get more than 1 hit of of MA LK on reaction.

Now lets look at j.Mk or MP on reaction

-if you get hit out of it, you get CH and juggled to oblivion, knocked down with whomever standing right next to you ready for Oki on jins sucky wakeup.
-If it whiffs, and they land first (most likely they will) you have 4frame recovery right next to them so get ready to eat combos into cross rush into whatever.
-If you hit thim you can juggle into a solid 250 damage. slightly more.
-what if they didn’t jump? but you thought they were? GG buddy.

The risks of properly antiairing with a move that was intended for anti air are way less than trying to time a risky maneuver such as a jump in a game where they can juggle the shit out of you for 500+ life.

The benefits of properly antiairing with a move that was *intended *for anti air are way more than trying to meet them in the air. Although it is good to win these exchanges, your go to anti air shouldn’t be jumping in any way form or fashion. Jumping juggles will be rare the higher level of play you go because better players understand that jumping is the single biggest risk you take in fighting games like this.

The fact is proper anti air is a cornerstone of strong defense. Jumping, even in theory is the complete opposite of defense.

great post, you just missed the part where i said jumping on reaction
if you jump by anticipation, well my theory won’t apply by default

elaborated answer:

from a frame standpoint we have

so the best scenario is for the LSK, which still have 7 startup frames, to come out at frame 10 after MA inputs…this adds up to 17 frames for an antiair: very poor reliability while any shoto can 3 frame shoryu in the same situation and closer range

at last, jin’s wakeup isn’t that bad
we still have a 10 frames full body invincible MA (akuma’s goshoryu is 6 frames invincible) and the SW followup which, if it counters, can lead to 400 damage or a free boost tag

LSK can be used to escape bad situations too, since you’re safe when Jin touches the ground. May not be Anti-Air, but its a good option regardless of if you hit or not.

You make strong, valid points though.

Hmmm I didn’t miss it. I’ve just been using LSK preemptively(*see edit). Even if they don’t jump I just lol @ them trying to punish it. Its funny because if I throw it out enough, they will know i’m AA happy so they wont’ jump, and this makes jin’s life really easy due to his amazing normals. How they gonna get around balls/exballs without jumping and getting random or preemptive LSK? its a tough thing to deal with.

The thing is, if you’ve got the LSK trigger finger like I do, its fine on reaction because most jumps last for 35 frames, and as long as they’re in the air you’ll hit them. You might not be able to follow up, but even if you activate it, say 5 frames after they jump, you can hit them on frame 22, and that would be 62% way through their jump so pretty much, just as they’re coming out of the apex of their jump. How is that a poor anti air? Hell you can hit them anytime after that too, and i’m going to assume that you can hit them up to, say 10 frames left in the jump. IMO anyone who cannot execute this just needs to work on their reaction time since the game has only been out like 2 weeks lol. everyone wants to be justin wong right now lol. Floe’s had the game for almost 2 months right? rest of the pros too right? I say give it some time. LSK is a much safer option, and the rewards are greater IMO. it will just take some time to get used to it.

You guys got to realize that this is not SFIV. There is no “let them jump and, wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…HERP. **derp. *FACD ****ULTRA!!!” *in this game. That’s what i think you mean when you say “on reaction.” If i’m wrong please let me know. I know its not what everyone is used to but lets face it guys, we are gonna have to A) improve our reaction time, and B) let go of SFIV tech. It doesn’t work (unless you play as rufus. then it works. Oh yeah, other stuff works too. Rufus is so OP good thing i run with team floe, too wah wah wah…fuck rufus lol).

*EDIT - my point here was that I don’t need to do it on reaction most of the time, but its ok cause at that range or at junctions i’m mashing MA and readying LK just in case.

well idk about you but ive been punished for more than one hit off of LSK maybe they just dont know how to react, but it can easily be ABC’d or combo’d from what i experienced… well maybe not so easily but it is definitely possible

ABC’d? how so? he recovers like from a normal jump.

Besides, you shouldn’t be doing it if they’re not in the air lol. Just MAxx… nothing? it recovers in 18f i think if you do nothing. and no one has beam supers lol. Although heihachi and the like can punish If they’re quick enough.

is there a frame data reference that can be used? if not then there really isnt solid proof that he is 0 on landing, and doing MAxx nothing usually puts me in a bad spot in terms of spacing, in those 18 frames if they were doing something that brings them in on the ground fairly fast, they get in for free and i have to block. Having to block can be hard with all these mixups and the tech window being so small makes it worse. Honestly i think MAxxLSK is great but it can NOT be abused, it has to be used efficiently. Like the guy up above said, shotos have 3 frame dp they can mash out on reaction, we have a chain of special moves to do

Well it is very difficult to tell. His frame data is:

Startup: 7
Active: 7
Recovery: 19

So that 19 frames covers from the time he hits the apex of his kick until he hits the ground and is fully recovered. I guess i can try a little math eh?

best case scenario would be that he’s in the air during those startup frames. So lets say that he’s going up for 14 frames, and going down for 19 frames. He goes down much more slowly than going up, for for our math, lets say it takes him another 14 frames. At best he would be -5. so it would be a 1~2 frame windo that they could punish and not reset/knockdown jin. That kind of makes sense. But I don’t know… that’s me taking my best stab at a guess… anyone know any other details?

Also I think that at the range you are throwing MAxx out, it will be dificult to punish if they aren’t already rushing you down. I don’t know I just see it as a win win. I havent’ been punished, but maybe i’ll upload some matches so everyone can see what I mean. I think it can be totally abused against most of the cast, since even 1~2 frame punishment is not easy. the only punishement i’ve seen is a well timed throw.

Also, re: shotos DP, its alright and all, Ken’s is good. But its MUCH easier to punish a whiffed DP than a whiffed LSK. for that risk, they give it a faster start up. SRKs also don’t have the angle that LSK does. LSK will stuff just about any forward jumping attack from 2/3 screen away for good damage. SRKs can’t do that. Its a trade off, and I personally think that it is in Jins favor.

Also remember that i’ve played exclusively without DPs since SF4… EVIL MAKOTO LIVES!

LSK definitely doesn’t recover right away on landing, it’s just pretty fast.

If they jump unexpectedly then you might consider powerstance xx rising uppercut, dodging with MA - SW, dash forward into low MK 3rd strike style, special step under them and escape, or jump back roundhouse. The good thing about LSK is that you can do a lot of damage off of it with one bar so if you do read a jump then you can eat half their life off of it depending on your teammate.

I am always suspect when I see people say that a character has “no anti air” since that has very very rarely ever been the case with any character in a sf game. What they usually mean is “no DP”. You wouldn’t know it from SF4, but every character in a fighting game doesn’t have to have an invincible move to be good.

That being said jin is B tier just because so many people do the same thing he does but better. He is a throw/counterhit character for the most part and this game rewards high/low characters more than throw/counterhit characters when it comes to offense.

the first human reaction to something fairly new is to apply to it concepts and strategies already acquired in previous games (i’ve not played sf4 that much though)
then obviously different tools apply for various situations and player behavior
and by ‘on reaction’ i mean to actually react to something with the best outcome in mind

LSK is a great part of jin’s PF game but upclose i still think he need to play the absorb then counterhit in an high risk high reward fashion

lately i’ve tried to play abusing MA>SW: my main concern is the unreliability against crossups because SW will come out the wrong direction then it’s very hard to still for 15 frames
i played a decent crossup/divekick mixup lili yesterday, a good MA usage can kill strategies like this one…and the worst name that comes in mind in regard is rufus

can someone confirm that if you cancel the MA into any followup before frame 10 jin will lose his invincibility?because i’ve had this impression

PS absorb should be side indifferent, need to test if the MA cancel will reverse sides

well ive heard rufus is free to jins standing jab. honestly i havent had TOO much trouble with rufus but then again the game is still young

Ok I meant to post this yesterday:

MA>LK -4 after landing. its just that he’s in the air so long that most people will try to punish him too early. That’s why people seem to be missing the punishes. Also the lag online helps lol. Basically it is 7, 7, 19, and he’s airborne from frame 5-29, with frames 6-7 being airborne but not active, 8-14 being active, 15-29 landing but still airborne, 30-33 recovery on the ground. So unless you land right in front of someone or your opponent has a 4f startup long range move (other than some supers and gief SPD, i haven’t found any…) under normal curcumstances it shouldn’t be punished. Again, i dont’ know why anyone would release it from a range that would make them land right in front of their opponent, but hey shit happens.

Also MAYNE MA>MP during block strings is SUPER OP lmao. Last night was “get life lead and defend” night, so you can imagine i had mofos pissed off at me in ranked. Basically i just blocked and practiced alpha countering and MA MP. Once you get the timing down for a character’s block strings it gets SUUUPER ugly lol. Loving Jin man I really need to find a partner for him to deal with the sims/vegas/other keep away characters.