jills out now!!!!

i am not trooling i used my code for jill and shuma and it work they both have mission mode and everything but it isn’t on psn yet so use ya limited edition code

is this only open for people who got the special edition?

i didnt get that, all i see on the downloads section is the costume pack and shadow mode. is that the place i should look for to buy the characters though, or is there a special menu (xbox)

Only SE for now. I’m basing this on the PS3, I think the 360 downloads aren’t there yet.

i was wondering how the hell i was fighting against her online but couldnt see her in the psn store.

I just got Jill on PS3, and I can’t sleep.

LOL Jill kept me up son. She’s so fast, I’m already thinkin up mad setups w/ her moveset oooooooh MAN. She has great insta-overheads homey and she can do the jump aerial loops like She-Hulk. Her speed is RIDICS! I have yet to see her damage output in training mode tho since I’m in mission right now just learnin stuff.

Her stance is (d.d.S) Feral Crouch (FC) and it allows her (press back) to dash almost a full screen away to safety, (press forward) to immediately dash up to an opponent or cross 'em up depending on the distance you are from them, (up back) makes her dash up and away (I don’t see many uses for this yet), (up) makes her zoom up to her normal jump height but at a faster speed, and my favorite (up+towards) if you’re near the opponent you can immediately end up up and behind them for a great almost unsee-able cross up opportunity.

Mind you she’s invincible frames 9-14 during the “Teleport” so she can pass through moves :smiley: She can also cancel the ending frames into normals, specials or hypers. She always re-aligns herself with her opponent’s face as well.

She also has three moves outside of the stance:

L-8 frame Low sweep -9 on block…keeps her in the Feral Crouch stance and it isn’t affected by histun deterioration. Cancelable into FC, Specials, and Hypers.

M-20 frame Jumping Roundhouse- wall bounce kick -4 on block (THATS PRETTY DAMN SAFE), cancelable into FC and Hypers

H-Somersault Kick 10 frames, -29 on block, frames 1-14 invincible, knocks down opponent. Also its Hyper, FC, and Jump Cancelable.

This is just me covering her stance, she has a whole lot more to offer. I think she might be a keeper! >:D

(You guys probably knew all this but I was just so excited to type it all out!

Okay, I just had to.

Thanks for the enthusiasm and I completely feel u