Jills 5x Rush Super

for those who dont know what im talking about, im talking about her hcf+2ps super the one where she does her charge but is on fire or whatever u get the point :tup: ok now i was at my local arcade one day when one of my friends was playing jill doing extermly well with her too im talking about otgs left and right zombies going everywhere, but this one time he did a corner combination launched did a magic series and did her hcf super which comboed of course then after it was done i was just waiting to see what happen since i know that u cant do it again, but as soon as i thought that he did the super again right after the first and i looked at the other guys character which was blocking because of the recovery from the first super but it looked like the super crossed jill over to the other side making the hits count. i was shocked and asked him how that happen he said it just crosses up sometimes and is ur fast u can even do it five times. NOW my question to u guys is what is the timing to have 5 supers connect or what tips do you have in order for it to work please guys post ur thoughts if u have and tips please post those too.

Sorry for the 2 year story :clap: clap it up for me though lol
yea yea i know im :lame:


I know Jill can combo 2 HETs (her qcf+pp super) in the corner although the timing is strict. But five HCs? Unfortunately, I highly doubt it.

Check out the “betterthanme” video at the bottom of this page:


Jill does a 100% combo with 5 HETs and several zombies…

Thanks j99. That was incredible. Too bad the chance of me actually pulling that off in a real match is very low.

Heh… I can’t even do it in training mode :slight_smile: Not all in one combo like that. That video has some crazy stuff…

well yeah, it was in a combo video. they’re all about showing off unpracticable shit. you think joo and mensakitakidishisy…actually pull the shit off in real matches?

You have a point. Nice to see on video nonetheless. I doubt we’ll see Zombie -> HET juggles serve a practical use anytime soon. :lol: