Jet Set Radio 1 releasing in September @ $9.99

I never got to play the game, but glad to see it coming. The prices for these classic SEGA games have been rather decent overall so I’ll be getting this day 1. Hope this sells well enough for the Sequel to be added as well.

Jet Set Radio was a classic and the first cell shaded game I ever played. I personally want Jet Set Radio Future, since I never owned an xbox.


Good news. I was talking about wanting to play the game again just last week.

Oh shit this year is gonna rock. Cube son, Cube.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell Stranger’s Wrath was an X-Box game but got a well done HD release on PSN, so here’s hoping if this sells well that Future also gets released to PSN~


Guilty Gear XX
Jet Grind Radio
MAYBE Rival Schools.

This is the greatest year for gamers of yesteryear.

I did not watch that video, and the very end of that song sent a chill down my spine. Going to go pirate the OST. And later on buy the game on PSN (love you).

Would you stop playing that radio Lord? I’m trying to get to sleep!!!

Let us motherfucking CELEBRATE!


This is awesome. I loved that game and it had an amazing soundtrack too. Kinda weird how I was just thinking about the game this morning.

I hope there’s an online graffiti sharing feature like in the original.

My fav JSR music is this, but mainly because it was in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing ^_^;

HYPE. They better not touch the soundtrack (except for the American New York music, they can do whatever with those). Oh and maybe make tag and camera reset different buttons.

Anyway, if you never listened to Sparkling Music by Deavid Soul you should.

scratch scratch scratch scratch the bass the congos in ya face

I’m happy for everyone else, but this game got like zero time in my DC.

YES! My prayers have been ANSWERED!

Now if the Internet feature that allowed you to download images to use as graffiti is intact, I’m set.

Jet Set.


Day One…

a black label JSR goes for a good price not to sure on jsrf

Sega should just sell a dreamcast preloaded with all games and hdmi out.

Get the fuck out of this thread with this shit. Not because its bad, but because we are celebrating the original. When they release future we can go around giving cake to everybody.

As for now:


Soooooo dope. So so so so dope.

Hah my apologies, the music for the first game’s pretty cool too.

It also happens to be the first cel-shaded game ever made!