Jesus Toast Mafia IV: 90's Kid Mafia! SIGN-UP THREAD!

Welcome to the fourth edition of Jesus Toast Mafia! This one’s going to be a fun throwback to old times for us OG’s, and a fun history lesson for you d-bags still in diapers. Mad props to Alpha & Pimp Willy for helping with roles.

It’s Saturday night, and everyone’s turning on their TV’s to Nickelodeon. However, to maximize attitude, Nick has created a new interactive game show, where viewers get to vote for who is killing their favorite characters on their shows. However, this game show has dire consequences, as the FCC is close to shutting down the network and ruining our childhoods, if the 90’s Kids don’t unite to win the game.

Overall game idea (if you’re new to Mafia games):
People get thrown into a situation where you don’t know who to trust. Each day the 90’s Kids get together and decides to kill somebody, to try and find the demons. After a vote, the person with the most votes is killed by the 90’s Kids. At night, everyone goes back to their beds to sleep, and the mafia get their turn to kill people. If the mafia have the same amount of people as the 90’s Kids, they win the game. If the 90’s Kids kill all the mafia, they win. You win or lose as a team, not individually, so do your best to help your team out!

40 Person sign up (Must also register a Jesus Toast Mafia account at if you are committed to playing)
28-29 Town
9-10 Mafia
2 Third Parties




**Third Parties]

NOTE: These are the exact images I will send via PM when I assign roles. There will be no passwords anyone can garner from these role descriptions, since everything is out in the open. Also, despite these being all the possible role cards, it is quite possible that not every special role will be sent out.


The game will cycle between day phase and night phase. In order to keep things consistent, we will be running a 48 hour cycle split into 2 phases, which will always start/stop at the same time.

Day phase will last 36 hours. (9AM to 9PM CST) During this phase, players must decide who they want to lynch. All votes are done privately through PM. People with day abilities must PM their choices by the end of the day phase.

Players who do not submit their lynch vote before the deadline two day phases in a row will be DQ’d. They will be listed as dead, and their role revealed. They will not receive a last gasp if they are an SRKer.

Night phase will last 12 hours. (9PM to 9AM CST) During this phase, the demons must decide who they want to kill. People with night actions must PM their choices before the deadline.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

No Lynch is always a valid voting choice at all phases of the game. Your choice posted in the thread, using the following format:

**Lynch: RadicalFuzz**

Minus the code tags. Should Pimp Willy finish our vote counter before the start of this game this will tentatively be changed to:


Should the vote counter not be ready, I will be more lenient with the votes for our Tapatalk users, just make it noticeable to me.

When you die, your allegiance as well as your role will be revealed.

If you do not vote in two consecutive day phases, you will be modkilled and have your role revealed.

NEW TO JESUS TOAST MAFIA: During this game, tie votes will not result in No Lynch. When a tie vote happens, I will publicly roll a dice with however many sides the tie contains, and call which number will result in which lynch. In which case, I will then provide the write-up.


There is a tie between RadicalFuzz, Augustus, and Synonym.

I will now roll a die.  If I roll a 1, RadicalFuzz is lynched. If I roll a 2, Augustus is lynched.  If I roll a 3, Synonym is lynched.


Last Gasp
The only person that will receive a last gasp will be Lori Beth Denberg, should that role be distributed.

Notes On Game Size:
We should be able to scale down the game if we cannot get 30, and scale it up if we have a huge interest. But I’d like to aim for 30~40 people.

I will give people ample time to prepare for this game and to get anyone interested in, so please point your friends here if they have an interest in mafia, and if you belong to other mafia sites, let them know we have a huge cross-site game starting here.


  1. Do not edit ANY POSTS. Period. For any reason. Do not ask us to verify with mods that you did not have any malicious intent in editing your posts, we will not do it. Do not provide me with any photographic evidence of your edits. There are going to be no warnings this time, just DQ’s. Habitual editors will be banned. We have had this BS happen way too much during these last two games. If you have anything to add, or any clarifications to typos to make, or a broken image/link in your post, create a new post to address it.

  2. Do not PM anyone playing the game. If you are mafia, keep your PMs in the mafia conversation. If you’re one of the lovers, keep your PMs inside the Lovers conversation. You should not be PMing anyone else if you are them, and if you aren’t, you have no business using the PM inbox at all regarding this game. If you have any questions regarding gameplay, PM me. If someone PMs you that shouldn’t be, do not mention it in the thread, just PM me with the the contents of it. PM’ing once will result in a DQ. Habitually doing so will result in a ban. (Things not game related will not result in any penalty, but to keep the integrity of the game, if someone playing PMs you, please report it to me.)

  3. No coaching after you’re dead. This includes outside of SRK. I don’t care what format you’re thinking of using, be it, AIM, MSN, Skype, Smoke Signals, Texts, Morse Code. Don’t do it. Also, because this has happened recently, I will not verify any of your hunches after you die. Keep it to yourself, take it to the Loser’s Lounge, if someone shares information they know, don’t bring it to anyone else’s attention that’s still in the game. If someone does this, PM me with the proof, and that person will face a ban.

  4. No discussing or plotting to break or bend the rules in your PMs, lovers and mafia. I’ll be in those conversations anyway, so that should go without saying. But just in case you think you can do it while I’m sleeping, think again. If you start discussing something that I don’t immediately catch, and that action is taken, once I find out, the perpetrator of the act and the instigator will both receive bans and DQs.

  5. If you are lovers or mafia, you will not be allowed into the Loser’s Lounge until you leave the PM conversation after you die. It’s not entirely clear on how you do this by looking at it, but upon your death, simply click “Delete Conversation” on the left-hand side of the screen. This will only delete it on your end, and no one else’s.

6 Do not try to get removed from the game after it already starts, or try to break the rules to get DQ’d. If something super unexpected happens, I’ll try to be reasonable, but overall, if you know you’re going to be busy, and unable to play at all, don’t sign up. If you suddenly see a full schedule hit your plate just before we start, ask me to take your name off the list, and I’ll put in an alternate. After we start, I’m not going to take your name off unless you have a really good reason, and I can find an alternate to take your place. Otherwise, don’t deliberately break a rule just to get a DQ. You will not just get a DQ, but banned.

  1. Do not post any PMs, even as a joke. If you are going to make an image joke regarding PMs, at least make it obvious that it’s a joke (e.g. make it using MSPaint.)

  2. English only in game. No foreign languages or encrypted posts are allowed. This prevents the open flow of information. I will make certain exceptions for certain foreign words that have entered the English vernacular, such as “Hasta la vista,” or “Por que?” but an entire post in a foreign language will not be permitted.

  3. No making wagers in game. This wagering JTM accounts or self-bans is not going to fly anymore, period. Don’t do it, I will DQ you if you do.

  4. Cut the personal attacks out. There is a line between in-game shit talk and gamesmanship, and just being a dickhead and being hateful other players. This is starting to get out of hand. If I tell you to curb it, just do it. Keep it up, and enjoy a DQ.

Current Sign Ups:

  1. @drwill439
  2. @AlphaCommando
  3. Gamer Dude (JTM Member)
  4. @Blindknagg
  5. DrWilgy (JTM Member)
  6. descuffphoenix (JTM Member)
  7. @Icege
  8. Long Con (JTM Member)
  9. @XthAtGAm3RGuYX
  10. @Vynce
  11. Rosettalia (JTM Member)
  12. @RadicalFuzz
  13. @Synonym
  14. @Bious
  15. juliets (JTM Member)
  16. fingersplints (JTM Member)
  17. Cobalt (JTM Member)
  18. Jan (JTM Member)
  19. @The%20Chief
  20. Fruit Punch Samurai G (JTM Member)
  21. @kaz
  22. @jasonC
  23. @great%20cow%20lord (Signed up as hobo pancakes)
  24. @orochizoolander
  25. @Saitsu
  26. @BullDancer
  27. @Augustus
  28. Sig (JTM Member)
  29. The Co-Jones
  30. @Aidebit
  31. @ZeonTheUnborn
  32. @ForgeDigger
  33. @Hecatom
  34. @Doofenshmirtz (Signed up as doof)
  35. @3rdSTRikeLOVE
  36. @NinetiesArcade
  37. SVS (JTM Member)
  38. @Azure (Signed up as Souther)
  39. Scotty (JTM Member)
  40. Simple Machine

6 more players until I have the bare minimum to play, 16 until the cap is full.

@Manx @Saitsu @Neesa wanna get in on this?

Shiiiit… we’ll see.

Let me know when you know, mang!

…Sure I guess. Not enough Legends of the Hidden Temple for my tastes though.

Don’t spoil my write-ups.

Oh, shit. This is 90’s kids Mafia? I might have to do this one.


*I second this feeling. This theme is just too damn good for me to pass up if I can play.

That isn’t me officially throwing my hat in. Yet.*

You know how I do with themes+writeups.

I’m drinking coffee pretentiously.

Yo @BullDancer @Hecatom y’alls unbanned for this.

@MP it’s finals week playboi. You’ll have to start at the end of next week if you want me in this.

It’s going to start after May 10th, homey.

Definitely after that, no earlier.

Ok, which one of you cock ticklers signed up under Radical Edward @ JTM?

Idk, but maybe you can find out by getting past the SHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE OF THE SILVER MONKEY!!!

This game is going to be massive.

Ok, count me in

Biggest game since this time in 2013 when Beta ran the UMVC3 game.

Oh shit its been so long im so tempted too … whens the deadline

No firm deadline yet, sometime after the 10th, probably the 11th or 12 on our side of the world Doof.

Join up man, I was actually tempted to ping you for this.