Jersey 3S Thread

sup guys. use this thread to make matches, organize get togethers or just say “i m going to fng tonight”.

anyone live near the break? i goto school 10 mins from there so mon/wed i can come out 2~5, tues/thurs around 12~3.

me, quotes and ali will be at gun n games friday after 7.

so u want to give me the address of fun n games so i could go on mapquest n get direction … ?

i may be leavin for RI as early as friday night so i dont know if im goin

you and that tekken…

shAd0wDrak3n- google “willowbrook mall” in “wayne, nj”. it should be there

I’m going to try to go on Saturday night, after how atrociously bad I did last week I’m going to try to go at least once a week. This is going to be tricky because my car got totaled on the way back from the Break on Sunday. :sad:

But I’ll see what I can do.

thats terrible, you ll live right?

when do you go? just saturdays?

Yeah, my Hori RAP survived the crash without a scratch. How’s that for Japanese ingenuity?

Yeah I mostly go only on Saturday nights, and actually some Wednesday nights too. Hopefully I’ll see you guys tommorrow

me and ali should be there tonight round 8, not so sure bout sat

down on the 1st player side of fng is out, they “might” fix it tommorow so we ll see how that goes.

i was getting so pissed…i HAD to donkey kick that shit.
hardware + kick = solution

who got seaninated?

sean’s lockdown is too complete, its not fair…

I think that was more like a EX machine gun blow. In any case, I’ll be there tonight.

playboy- did they fix it?

Yup, fixed it yesterday around 6:00PM.

FYI: Map to Willowbrook.
Google Map.

had fun saturday, too bad my routine is fri/sun.

anyway, see everyone friday

me and the guys will be at fng after 7 tonight

ok, heres the deal guys

ECC will be here soon, until then, it d be good if we can have a “set” time and day everyone starts gathering to play.

me and ali are making it a priority to be at fng every friday after 7. so if you wanna play then whatever.

ray/devin- if you guys wanna play on console, PM me your numbers so we can get something going once a week until ECC. save some money you know?

Hey KOFiend, I met you briefly at Breakdown4 mentioned I was hoping to hook up with you guys for some good 3S action. Few times I’ve been to the Break, never caught you guys there, played instead with some Mexican dude with a decent Necro/Alex and that drags his wife and kid there on weekends. But I definitely am gonna try and make it out to FnG. You guys do anything on Saturdays, tomorrow specifically?

we usually go on fridays…

if u wanna play me in 3S i go to the Tekken 5 weeklies tuesday nights, theres usually peoples there…
but im usually there for the Tekken…