Jeff schaffer is scared to play rocky rose

JEFF SCHAFFER is scared of Rocky L ROSE heres a callout vid
Ive called jeff out to play numerous times and he ducks and blocks my accounts,I will be coming outta retirement and uploading all my classic sf 2 HF vids here in the coming weeks and jeff is a scared old man YouTube - Jeff schaffer is a COWARD and scared OF ROCKY ROSE pt1

heres vid [media=youtube]q1UxWSPAMnc[/media]

God like

It’s hyper fighting, and you’re posting it in the HDR forum.

Edumacation = Trailer parks ain’t got none. Hurr durr Dollar Tree.


I think someone might be too scared to play a game with decent netcode.

I wanna see this shit happen.

Rocky, you will not get him to play on xbox live, its simply too laggy. Best thing to do is challenge him to like a 3,000$ money match first to 10 games and fly out to where he is to play him offline.

If you’re really as good as you say you are, winning should be easy and the 3,000$ would easily cover all your travel expenses and leave you a good chunk extra.

The myth of tomo ohira debunked!!
hi guys,jeff,tomo and mike are like the little sisterhood of false boast and lies.How sad is it that they have 360s and tomo wont reveal his friggin gamertags to me or anyone else.Ill be making some TOMO call out vids real soon tomo is a BITCH you see THE TRUTH is always way DIFFRENT then these myths and legends people bee leeve about something.TOMO if your soo fucking good play me 1st to 7 rotate characters each match ohh wait you only play ryu and guile LOL guile is a fail on online sf 2 HF your a fail tomo.All youve done since 1994 is RUN and you know what im calling you a chicken shit becuase you are scared of me and what I will do to your rep and legacy once I hit the record button if we ever play,I predict a 7 to 0 victory rocky rose CRUSHES TOMO.