Jarvis... Calculate: Maximum damage of a throw combo

I just wanted to start this thread to see IM’s players combos off of throws, especially in the corner. Hopefully some new tech can be discovered so Tony has the option outside of trying to open people up to get a high damaging combo. For starters the thing I notice about Tony’s ground throw is that the hits off of the throw is at 4… (smh). So that causes a lot of hit stun at the beginning of the combo >.< But hopeful something can be found to help his maximum damage off of a throw. His air throw has the normal hit stun of what the majority of characters have in the game. I know a set back will be the smart bomb damage scaling. But a corner throw combo is something that’s not really discussed in these threads. Any suggestions?

I was thinking about this, yeah. Good stuff, Duck Strong; I hadn’t a clue that you could follow up a spread with an air series like that. Still looking for solo combos off of a throw.

As always good stuff from duck. The only solo combo I got is an xf3 that does 1.3 damage. Outside of that, there are no “loops” that can’t go over 500K. I don’t know what’s causing most of the hit stun deterioration.

I’ve got one that works midscreen from a grounded throw that will kill, the expense is pretty high though. It costs: xf, and 4 meters. The 4th bar is built during the combo. Level of xf doesn’t matter, but to kill a full life opponent solo in xf1 requires more work. Ill see if I can post a video.

If you’re talking about a corner throw, the standard throw -> l.smartbomb > s.H, c.H > fly > j.H, j.d.H, j.S > c.M, s.H, s.S > sj.MMHd.HS > h.smartbomb > proton cannon does about 543k

Sorry if I misread your post.

Finally got around to recording a video. sorry for the really crappy quality. Its super expensive, but something to pull out if you REALLY need to kill that troublesome character and have the meter.