Japan's most-anticipated fighting games for 2008

AM-Net ran a poll–from Jan 2nd to Jan 14th–asking which arcade games people in Japan are looking forward to the most in 2008. (I found it here through Arcade Renaissance.)

It looks like 998 people participated; draw your own conclusions about the survey’s accuracy.

Here’s a shoddy Google translation of the results.

There were 33 entries on the list. 1st place is Derby Owners Club 2008, which is apparently the latest and greatest horse-racing sim. :rofl:

The part that we care about:
2nd is Tekken 6
5th is Street Fighter 4
6th Arcana Heart 2
8th is another Gundam game gundam gundam
15th is Melty Blood AA
17th is Virtua Fighter 5, ver. D
18th is Fate Unlimited Codes
21st is Sengoku BASARA X
23rd is King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match

Hopefully I didn’t miss any other fighting games on the list, I think I got 'em all.

(I’m a little confused as to why Tekken 6 was on the list, even though it had been released before the poll started. Oh well.)

I figured some of you might think it was interesting!

Some games you missed :

  • Number 6 : Arcana Heart 2.
  • Number 15 : Melty Blood AA.
  • Number 18 : Fate Unlimited Codes.
    And number 8 Gundam vs Gundam could also count as a fighting game i guess.

it’s really weird when you compare this to Arcadia magazine’s current top list / ranking from their website

1 ?
349.2 / pts.

2 ?
Virtua Fighter5 ???
309.4 / pts.

3 ?
???SEED DESTINY ?? vs. Z.A.F.T.II???
305.1 / pts.

4 ?
301.0 / pts.

5 ?
282.7 / pts.

6 ?
MELTY BLOOD Act Cadenza???
218.7 / pts.

7 ?
136.8 / pts.

8 ?
123.1 / pts.

9 ?
101.1 / pts.

10 ?
64.3 / pts.

EDIT actually i’m pretty sure this is an old list since T5DR is still on there, not sure when itll get updated

This list is from November 2007 or newer. The #5 game, Death Smiles, is a shoot-em-up which was just released in October '07.

Since Tekken 6 was released in Nov/Dec., the January numbers (which will come in February) should have that included.

Thanks for the help, guys! First post edited. Maho, I’m guessing you can read Japanese.

No doubt, Arcadia’s current list provides a very interesting contrast. They sure do like their GG…

Derby is godly like in japan. They could have a ‘favorite Restaurant list’, and some how, some form… Derby would make it on that list.

T6 is serious business.

No, Derby Owners Club 2008 is serious business.


For those that care, here’s the full translation with genres:

  1. Derby Owner’s Club 2008 (Horse-sim)

  2. Tekken 6 (Fighting)

  3. The Eternal Wheel (Card RPG)

  4. Lord of Vermilion (Card RPG)

  5. Street Fighter IV (Fighting)

  6. Arcana Heart 2 (Fighting)

  7. Quiz Magic Academy 5 (Quiz)

  8. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam (Fighting)

  9. D1GP Arcade (Racing)

  10. Akatsuki Denkou Senki (Fighting)

  11. WCCF International Clubs 2006-2007 (Sports/Card)

  12. Initial D4 (Racing)

  13. Beatmania IIDX DJ Troopers (Rhythm)

  14. Melty Blood Actress Again (Fighting)

  15. Taiko Drum Master 11 (Rhythm)

  16. Virtua Fighter 5 ver. D (Fighting)

  17. Fate Unlimited Codes (Fighting)

  18. Pop n’ Music 16 (Rhythm)

  19. Sangokushi taisen 3 (Card/Strategy)

  20. Sengoku Basara X (Fighting)

  21. Mamonoro (Shooting)

  22. King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match (Fighting)

  23. Sega Race TV (Racing)

  24. Baseball Heroes 3 (Card/Sports)

  25. Winning Eleven 2008 (Card/Sports)

  26. Senko no Ronde 2 (Fighting/Shooting)

  27. MJ4 (Mah-jongg)

  28. Jubeat (Rhythm)

  29. Oriental Legend 2 (Beat-'em up/Action)

  30. Criminal Action (Action)

  31. Dino King 3 (Card)

  32. Illmatic Envelope/Illvelo (Shooting)

As for why Tekken 6 was on the list, it had to do with the way the poll was worded. Instead of asking for what your most anticipated release in 2008 is, the poll simply asked what was the game that you are wanting to play most in 2008.

Tekken 6 was able to sneak on for that reason. :wink:

BTW, thanks for updating me on this deadfrog - I forgot the polls closed last Monday.

Oh damn, ABK is number 10? Good shit.

fuck yeah akatsuki

i would’ve expected 98 UM to be higher though.

It’s still an oldie, in comparison to a lot of the stuff that’s “new and exciting”. It’s only logical that it would be lower on this list.

Frankly, I’m surprised that SF4 is as high as it is. As much as I’ve heard many Japanese BBS users basically cry out things like “Remember Captain Sawada! Remember Final Fight Revenge”, this definitely does go against what I expected, certainly.

Wacky…they chose Nazis over cracked-out samurai, interesting. Maybe there really is hope for BK going to SBO if it gets patched and crap. Should there be a problem or something.

what? theres a senko no rondo 2?? :wonder:

i better see that on xbox some way shape or form

I’m happy Arcana 2 and Melty Blood AA were on there. Although, why isn’t Brawl on there?

Aka at 10?

Gooooooooooooooooooooooood shit!

really glad to see akatsuki make that list. 10th, at that!

Street Fighter 4 at 5th kinda answers the question asked a while back of if japan cared about it or not.

Those horse racing fans are hardcore, haha.

Gogo Arcana 2! Nice to see Akatsuki on there also, that game is solid. Suprised AA is so low considering how popular Melty is at arcades, but whateva.

And card RPG’s are on the rise, wow…

no kof love :frowning: