Japanese Warranty Questions

Does anyone happen to know what the warranty for the Hori Fighting Stick 3 is if bought in Japan? Also, does anyone happen to know the return policy at Yodobashi Camera? I can’t seem to find either, anywhere.

My medium kick stopped working.

Also, since I’m apparently in the market for an HRAP 3 now and don’t want to use HORI buttons, does anyone know where I can find Sanwa parts in Akihabara? I don’t want to have to order anything.

I don’t know anything about return policy at Yodoboshi Camera or anything of that nature, but what I can tell you is that the Fighting Sticks have worse parts than a HRAP. The HORI buttons on the FS2 felt way different (re: chintzy) than on my HRAP3.

HRAP 3 is best bought at Bic Camera. I looked for one EVERYWHERE in Akiba last March for PS2, couldn’t find any but I did look at prices for HRAP3. Bic Camera sells it for 7180 which is VERY reasonable, you might even get a price break on that too because Hori is releasing a SFIV series but I highly doubt it with the way Japan retail is.

This advice will probably suck, but there is one arcade buttons shop/arcade boards shop that I’ve been to. It’s 2nd floor in a building about a block away from the main drag in Akiba. You should be on the street opposite Taito Station (the big one), go down by Yoshinoya, and go down about a block and this place is to the left I think.

Anyway, Akiba is pretty small so if you walk it out for a bit I’m sure you’ll find the place.

Also, maybe you can mod your FS3 OR buy the new Hori SFIV stick? I am not sure if the new Hori SFIV stick will have Sanwa parts 100% but the price point is similar to the SA2 and HRAP 3 SA which DID.

Modding my FS3 would require me to solder shit and I’m not technically apt enough to pull any of that off. On top of that, I don’t have the tools.

I was thinking about getting the HRAP used since I’m gonna be switching shit out anyways.

Anyway, since you’re still up… GGPO? I’ve still got a working stick.

If the product is defective and/or doesn’t work 9 times out of 10 they will give you a full refund, in cash. I’ve taken back three things and after explaining the situation carefully they have given me back my money on the spot. That said, they don’t like you exchanging things. My friend once bought an MD player but didn’t realise until he got home that it didn’t have a record function. He took it back to exchange it for one that did but they gave him all kinds of hassles. Eventually he got it exchanged but only after a lot of hand-wringing and angry stares from the floor manager.

Oh lord would I love a cash refund… oddly enough used HRAPS run for about the same as new FS3s.

Where are you finding used HRAPs? I looked everywhere in Akiba for a PS2 HRAP last year used. If you can find an SA model you won’t have to mod it.

Didn’t find a used PS3 HRAP either.

Soldering on arcade sticks is pretty easy, use a 15 watt, follow all the instructions to the letter and use the solder they tell you to in the faq. I had NO soldering experience and I’ve repaired my Dreamcast (soldering in new resistors for the control port), and my front loader NES (don’t remember the exact repair I did it was a long time ago) and had no problem. You just have to have a steady hand… and don’t lay your wrist down on the soldering iron like I did! I still had a nasty scar for about 5 years from that!

I’d recommend giving the repair a shot because the profile is smaller than a HRAP, and if you don’t fuck up you can Sanwa Mod it completely and have 2 nice sticks, or you can sell it to somebody with the Sanwa mod if you can’t do your return.