Japanese ST Player Report Up

I’ve finished my Japanese SSF2T player report. Go check it out!
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Even if you can’t read Japanese, so long as you have the fonts on your computer (free for all modern operating systems, btw) you could maybe match up players with the on-screen names on the X-Mania gaiden/VII dvds?

Part 5 includes some ancient history that I hope people find interesting. There’s a big gap in my notes stretching from 1995 through 1999. If I get more information I may someday add Namek Cammy, MontecarlRou Honda, Kurohyou (“Black Panther”) Claw (<- another elite female player), better information about Rikiya Zangief, etc.

Part of the problem is that, in the early days, tournament coverage went by players’ real names as opposed to nick names. And since I don’t know who’s who (nor would I want to post real names) it gets tricky…

Just for fun, here’s a draft of the copy for Taira Dictator. More or less a translation of a 2ch post, this was just too over-the-top:

Staking his claim on the crusty SF2 scene,
the standard bearer of a new generation,
a ray of hope beaming towards the future,
this can be only Taira Dictator.

Even though he started playing very recently, Taira progressed with unbelievable speed, catching up to Emperor YuuVega himself. Was he born with some kind of great talent? Is it the fruit of unflagging determination? A combination of the two? His play style is incredibly polished and flexible: while he’s got a shade less destructive power than Yuu, in exchange, he demonstrates a lot more stability. Has he transfigured Dictator, a “gambling character,” into a dependable winner? From now on, we won’t take our eyes off this bright new star.

hehe its interesting to see their view of chars, which matches my brothers and my own view of bison.

Actually ive been messing around with st bison and watching some stuff and created a dependable style but its hard to master. would take more practice on bison.

Great stuff nohoho! If I could rep you again, I would.

Awesome feature nohoho. Lots of interesting info there, great work.

Found the reference to Gotoh playing VH interesting. Does it still get much play in Japan? Around here VS seems to get all the play for the series.

ASCII Dhalsim… :rofl:

Jaw Dropping!

Wow! That was very cool! It is very cool to see a player summary like that. It reminds of of the old shinakuma.com for the US players. I can’t say for sure (casue I had nothing to do with it), but you must have spend some time on that. Thanks! :tup:


Nice Job!

Thanks bruddahs. Random plug: some of the information came from now-defunct web pages via the “wayback machine.” Quite an amazing service they’ve got:

There were two big VH events (that I know of) in 2006: Nagoya Space Shuttle in February and Tokyo Sega West in August. Gotoh Aulbath got 4th at the former. Dude plays VS, too. On a related meta note: Gotoh Ryu lost to SIN (VS player: QB) … Honda (!) last week at a-cho. Madness.

Re: something ANaqvi wrote “in the house” a month ago:

My sense of the field of dictator players goes like this:

S-class: Yuu, Taira
A-class: MoreVega, Kimomaru
B-class: ryu, Onucho, Shikkusu, Leynos

Seor ryu is a terrific dic player, no doubt, and he totally dominates EVERYONE in his own stomping grounds (somewhere to the northwest of tokyo, I think.) But he’s less consistent in tokyo events and, especially, nationals: except for a couple of wins vs. fellow dictator players (watabiki in 2001, onucho in 2003) he’s never made it past the first round at x-mania.

I respect you opinions a lot, Nohoho… so…

Can you give ‘your’ sense of field for all players/characters, like NKI did? Your report is MAD good, but i would like to hear your own opinions…

THX in advance :smiley:

Don’t forget that NKI clocked in a lot of time actually playing with quite a few of these cats. Whereas I’ve let my fingers do the walking? I think you have to go to More and watch Tamashima (and co) wreck people in casuals like NKI to have a proper sense.

Briefly, though, my picks:
as a bookie: Otochun, Muteki, D
Best of the best.

as a movie hound: Mattsun, Taira, Pony, Mayakon, Aniken, etc.
Always entertaining.

as a Blanka player: Komoda

Here are some RUMORED teams for this year’s SBO. The first one is pretty solid – Aniken announced it on his blog – take the rest with a grain of salt.

Aniken (ST Ken) & ShootingD (ST Ryu)
Tsuji (ST Box) & YuuVega (ST Dic)
Otochun (ST Chun) & Komoda (ST Blanka)
Taira (ST Dic) & Shiro (ST Ryu)
Tamashima (ST Box) & Kikai (CE Guile)
Noguchi (ST Fei or Claw) & Hakase (ST Sim)
Kurahashi (CE Guile) & Nuki (ST Chun)
Kusumondo (ST Honda) & Danjiri Dhalsim (ST Sim)
Tasaka (S Cammy) & Inro (S Chun)
Muteki (CE Guile) & Shiki (ST Boxer)
Gian (ST Sim) & Tokido (CE Dictator)
yaya (CE Sagat) & Daigo (ST Ryu)

Random notes:
Tasaka and Inro have teamed up with O.Cammy and O.Chun in the past.

Muteki has supposedly been working on his CE Guile.

I guess the rules prohibit identical characters? They should make an exception for Toutanki and K…

I smell old-school rape

well, maybe Super Hawk and Super+Start (Old) Hawk are considered different characters? The logo at the bottom is slightly different…

just want to say your blog is sweet. player bios are great, as well as the win-totals. Keep it up.

I can’t get over how awesome The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga is. It’s got everything… gameplay tips, info on key players in the early SF2 scene, and plenty of humor.

gian & tokido @_@

kuharashi and nuki also @_@

just for fun, if japan had to send a three man team out, who do you think would be japan’s top 3 for ST?
From what I’ve seen I say Otochun, Gian, Daigo. maybe Tsuji or Tamashima too just cuz Boxer is too strong in ST.

Otochun, Tsuji, Gian << Too dope.
Aniken and Kurahashi also may be in. :d

Any 3 or these players would do. Otochun, Gian, Komodo, Arg and Yuu vega

Wow man, That was pure ownage. Thanks dude

felineki - Have you tried the Yoga Fure! Fure!? I assumed that YSB was just BS’ing there but… heh… so goofy.

In other news – here’s a recent tourney result. Dara isn’t running a Grand Master Challenge series this year but they are having some events at UFO to get the Kansai crew warmed up for SBO.

Nagase Cup 3 - March 25, 2007

38 Entrants

1st: Shikkusu (CE Dictator)
2nd: Danjiri Dhalsim (ST)
3rd: ABC (CE Ryu)
4th: Kachu (ST Claw) & Love-Love Atsushi (O.ST Ken)

Some highlights:
postman (ST Box) beat ShootingD (ST Ryu)
Gian (ST Sim) beat postman
ABC beat Gian
Kashiwa (Classic Guile) beat Otochun (ST)
Love-Love beat Kusumondo (ST Honda)
Doshirouto (CE Guile) beat Gunze (ST Gief)
Danjiri beat Tsuji (ST Box)

Kimomaru (ST Dic) beat Kurenai no Buta (CE Guile) (SBO Fist champ, heh)
Nan (ST Ken) (VS Bulleta player, maybe) beat Mori (CE Sagat)

ABC & Shikkusu <-- SBO teammates, maybe. Gak.

This is pretty good stuff! Are there any videos of this? Good stuff on the Japanese ST Player Report! You thinking of making a player report of players outside of Japan? :tup: