Japanese Players Invade Ffa

3rd Strike Teams of 3 (8 teams):

  1. Team Rashai
    ko - yun
    sugiyama - necro
    kokujin - dudley

  2. Team Korosuzo
    frankie3s - ryu
    rockefeller - urien
    pyrolee - yun

  3. Team Newton
    5 star - ken
    victoly - dudley
    ksk - alex

  4. Team TOSF
    croyd - ken
    aneursym x - dudley
    adam b - ken

  5. Team Saizo
    ironfist - dudley
    christian - dudley
    amir - chun

  6. Team I Don’t Know (IDK)
    will - ken
    ken i - makoto
    720 - hugo

  7. Team Camelot
    watson - ken
    ghetto d - alex
    hungbee - oro

  8. Team Austin
    mike lai - yun
    mopreme - chun
    hsien - ken

thanks to everyone that came to this. big ups to japan, texas, canada and all those in the house. thanks for coming and hope u had a good time and hope to see u guys again real soon.

some of the matches for 3s were so sick. we have videos of them. the japanese team went undefeated throughout the tourney. team newton defeated team kurosuzo in winners, but team kurosuzo came back to beat team newton in losers finals. sugiyama OCVed team kurosuzo in the finals.

  • 5 star

edit: aneursym x is NOT black!?!

Thanks yi for throwing the tourney. Props to all of the out of towners for showing up and providing excellent games.



tues night was dope, lotza sik matches. japs sik at third strike.but i think us’s third strike is getting up to par.i like the fact the tourney was thrown not for money(there was no money i think) but jus da love of the game well… because japanese, texans, and canadians were in the house too… coolness.:smiley:

Hell yeah!

Rockefeller back on the scene! :cool:

Wish I could be there with everyone, but things just didn’t work out for me this year. :frowning: Hopefully I’ll be able to make it over to So Cal. sometime soon.

Hold things down FF players and good luck tomorrow!

WOW. This is definitely what the SF scene schould be like. I hope this will continue over till next year, if i could go down to cali next year, I’de be looking foreward to this more than Evo.

Cheers guys.