Japanese MK9 Live Stream - WTF?!?!?!

??? on USTREAM: ??? ??? ??? ???Xbox360???

Is it 2012?

Also, a Japanese commenter mentioned that some Japan players will be at Evo for this.

Let me check this out… hopefully they got some Sonya and Ermac stuff I can take.

Japanese playing MK9, cool.

…wait, what!?

Japanese stream for MK9, ni…what…WTF?! Is it April Fools again?

Japanese players…at EVO…for MK?! Now all we need are the South American MK players to enter and EVO will be insane.

Well…they are not actually playing. I think they just accidentally turned on the game.

Yeah…yeah. Someone put it in their system as a joke…Japanese playing MK…what’s next, an American Soccer league?

If one of those commentators say’s Riu Kang I’mma bust a lung laughing. Also I agree with the WTF sentiments, but it’s awesome to see Japan finally trying new things out.

Aww looks like I linked the stream towards the end. They will stream tomorrow tho.

Well, at least there are archived videos of Japanese MK9 play. Can’t go wrong with that.

Japanese playing MK9? I want to believe.

Great, another game for them to stomp me in… :frowning:

I don’t know what the fuss is about…

Because it was never released in Japan…?

The series never took off there and UMK3 was the last MK game that had a Japanese release if I’m not mistaken. On top of the stigma western developed games get over there it’s shocking that Japanese players are playing this game.

Even shocking is an understatement.

It must be fucking 2012.


This is amazing

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I import games never released in the USA…

Not really but hey if yall dig it, keep digging I guess.:coffee:

oh wow this is hilarious

Personally, I am more shocked about the Japanese MK EVO thing than them actually playing MK9.