Japanese Kanji in Icons?

Does anyone know or Is there a link, for the english translation of the Japanese Kanji found on the icons?
Gouki’s symbol is the only one I know.

I don’t know for any translation link, but I can most likely translate for you the other kanji you’re wondering about if you show them and specify.

心 - Heart
技 - Technique/skill
体 - Body/form
天 - Sky/heaven
地 - Ground/earth
無 - Emptiness/Nothingness
真 - Truth/pure
聖 - Sacred
神 - Deity/spirit
魔 - Demon

Is this what you’re looking for?

HELL YEAH! You’ve always been awesome in replying to my Japanese language/character questions.
Do you have the translations for all of them, or is that all of them?

I’m sorry, I don’t have many icons unlocked yet, I thought that was all of them. I found a screenshot of fully unlocked ones, and here they are:

First row:
心 - Heart
技 - Technique; skill
体 - Body; form
天 - Sky; heaven
地 - Ground; earth
無 - Emptiness; Nothingness
真 - Truth; pure
聖 - Sacred
神 - Deity; spirit
魔 - Demon
仁 - Benevolence
義 - Righteousness
礼 - Propriety
智 - Wisdom
忠 - Loyalty

Second row:
信 - Trust
孝 - Piety
悌 - Brotherly respect
善 - Kindness; Charity
惡 - Vicious
武 - Martial (art); chilvary; gallantry; valiant. It is hard to find an English equivalent but these are close.
霸 - Tyrant; feudal lord
闘 - Competition; fight
魂 - Soul
愛 - Love
命 - Fate; life
拳 - Fist(s)
爆 - Burst; explosion
激 - Intense
擊 - Attack; strike

Third row:
極 - Extreme
烈 - Fiery; intense
攻 - To attack
守 - Keep watch; defend; guard
投 - Surrender; to cast (send)
禁 - Restrict; forbid
遊 - Roam
笑 - Laughter; smile
隆 - Grand
萌 - Budding; sprout; or slang describing affection for a cute character
帝 - Emperor
蹴 - Kick; tread on
罪 - Sin; crime; fault
将 - General (military)
壞 - Bad

Fourth row:
強 - Stong; powerful
鶴 - Crane (the bird)
亀 - Turtle
麗 - Beautiful; elegant
闇 - Darkness

I have too much time on my hands, it seems.

武俠派 - Thank You VERY Much!!! Myself and others definitely wouldn’t want to use an icon without knowing its meaning. :wink:
It’s What You Do with The Time Given to You that matters…

In case it helps you decide on an icon, here are additional meanings to a few of the above kanji that make sense in the context of this game:<br><br>礼 - salute, bow<br>惡 - evil<br>武 - warrior<br>激 - violent<br>投 - throw<br>遊 - play<br>壞 - destroy<br><br><br><br>

<br><br>That’s also my given name so I rock out with that one.<br>

Wish they had “白” (백, or Baek in KOR, し or Shi in JP, ) , which is my family name. At least I was in Tekken LOL!

wow thanks 武俠派 for translation

May I ask if the English ingame translations for the taunts are correct?

depends on what you mean by correct. Taunts don’t always directly translate but in my experience they’re mostly the same. I’m sure someone with deeper knowledge of the game can clarify that though.