Japanese G3 23on23 GGAC Tournament

West vs East parts of Japan against each other happened the day following SBO.

dustloop thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3172


**West** 					 **East**
Kimchi	KY	O	-	x	DIE-chan	AB
		O	-	x	hegi-	MI
		x	-	O	Nanashi	VE
Kazu	JA	O	-	x		
		x	-	O	Niga	SL
DC	JO	x	-	O		
HamakaidouPO	x	-	O		
Tsubu	AB	x	-	O		
Moriyama	MA	x	-	O		
Shounen	TE	O	-	x		
		O	-	x	Kumyuu	CH
		O	-	x	Koichi	IN
		O	-	x	KA2	JA
		O	-	x	0	OS
		x	-	O	HH	DI
ANG	AN	x	-	O		
Take	BR	x	-	O		
Niiyama	AX	x	-	O		
Yossan	IN	O	-	x		
		O	-	x	Raimuki-	AN
		O	-	x	Tanbo	MA
		x	-	O	Nemo	FA
Nabaiken	BA	x	-	O		
PC	SO	O	-	x		
		x	-	O	Mugen	BR
??	DI	O	-	x		
		x	-	O	Shuuto	AX
Nikukyuu	CH	O	-	x		
		O	-	x	BLEED	JO
		x	-	O	Buppa	KY
eki-chan	ZA	O	-	x		
		O	-	x	Yukinose	TE
		x	-	O	Isa	SO
KZO	OS	O	-	x		
		O	-	x	Ogawa	OGAWA
		x	-	O	FAB	PO
Gibuson	ED	O	-	x		
		x	-	O	Imo	ZA
Woshige	MI	O	-	x		
		O	-	x	Banchou	RO
		x	-	O	Maruken	BA
RF	FA	O	-	x	

I long for the day when supposedly S-tier Baiken starts winning anything important :sad:

8/17: official results posted with a few videos - http://www.gamechariot.com/g3_070814_23.html

playing S and A tiers doesn’t mean that you will win :rolleyes:

did you see any ky or sol get far in sbo last year? i don’t know what the hell you’re bitching about

Gotta see some vids!

Hopefully, they’ll be posted here:

I don’t remember how long it took for the videos to go up last year, hopefully it won’t be long. Shounen and KZO really made west happen.

I look forward to seeing some good Dizzy action!

I’ll update first post with the videos when they’re available.

That’s what I love about Guilty Gear. Just cuz you’re S tier dont mean you’re going to be the one winning all the tourneys. Everybody has options in GG. Even the low tiers.

Yup, tiers in GG seem to be much closer together than in other fighting games.

anything can happen in single elim.

updated first post -> http://www.gamechariot.com/g3_070814_23.html

naaa…grapghics are too nice and stupid retarded 50% combo with 30+hits, this game sucks

While Accent Core is a high damage game, which has it’s drawbacks, it’s still better and more fun than all previous versions of GG.

ac is more beginner frdly now ( but why is somebody playing it?)
remember the #R era? the combos are really difficult to do if u want to be kool

here are 05 and 06 result ^^

? ??(RO) ?? ???(BA)
? ??(RO) ?? ???(AX)
? ??(RO) ?? ???(PO)
? ??(AX) ?? ???(PO)
? ??(AX) ?? ??(RO)
??? ?(SL) ?? ??(RO)
?? ??(SL) ?? BLEED(JO)
?? ??(SL) ?? ??(BR)
??MDR(CH) ?? ??(BR)
???(TE) ?? ??(BR)
???(AN) ?? ??(BR)
???(MI) ?? ??(BR)
???(MI) ?? ???(SL)
? ???(PO) ?? ???(SL)
???(ED) ?? ???(SL)
???(IN) ?? ???(SL)
???(MA) ?? ???(SL)
?? ??(ZA) ?? ???(SL)
?? ??(ZA) ?? ???(TE)
?? ???(SO) ?? ???(TE)
?? ???(SO) ?? ??(DI)
?? ???(SO) ?? ??(MA)
???(KY) ?? ??(MA)
??to-ru(BA) ?? ??(MA)
???(DI) ?? ??(MA)
???(VE) ?? ??(MA)
???(VE) ?? ???(CH)
???(VE) ?? ??(IN)
???(VE) ?? ??(AN)
??? ??(FA) ?? ??(AN)
??? ??(FA) ?? ???(KY)
?? Let’s(JA) ?? ???(KY)
? ???(JO) ?? ???(KY)
???(BR) ?? ???(KY)
???(BR) ?? ??(FA)
???(BR) ?? 012(SO)

??? ???(MI)
??? ??(ED)
??? ???(JA)
??? ??(VE)
??? ?(ZA)
06 23 on 23

to-ru(BA) ?? ??(ED)(2-1)
to-ru(BA) ?? ??(MA)(0-2)
??(AB) ?? ??(MA)(2-0)
??(AB) ?? ???(AN)(0-2)
Let’s(JA) ?? ???(AN)(2-0)
Let’s(JA) ?? ???(FA)(2-0)
Let’s(JA) ?? FAB(PO)(2-1)
Let’s(JA) ?? ??(ZA)(1-2)
???(AX) ?? ??(ZA)(1-2)
??(MI) ?? ??(ZA)(1-2)
???(MA) ?? ??(ZA)(1-2)
MGA(PO) ?? ??(ZA) (0-2)
??(TE) ?? ??(ZA) (2-1)
??(TE) ?? ???(AX)(2-0)
??(TE) ?? ???(VE)(2-0)
??(TE) ?? DIE???(AB)(1-2)
???DC(JO) ?? DIE???(AB)(1-2)
???(IN) ?? DIE???(AB)(1-2)
??(RO??? DIE???(AB)(2-1)
??(RO??? ???RO?(1-2)
??(ED) ?? ??(RO)(2-0)
??(ED) ?? BLEED(JO)(1-2)
?(ZA) ?? BLEED(JO)(2-1)
?(ZA) ?? ?(CH)(2-0)
?(ZA) ?? ???(BA)(1-2)
P.C(SO) ?? ???(BA)(2-1)
P.C(SO) ?? ??(BR)(2-1)
P.C(SO) ?? KA2(JA)(2-1)
P.C(SO) ?? ???(DI)(2-0)
P.C(SO) ?? kaqn(OR)(1-2)
??(DI) ?? kaqn(OR)(1-2)
???(AN) ?? kaqn(OR)(2-0)
???(AN) ?? GNT(MI) (2-0)
???(AN) ?? 012(SO) (1-2)
KZO(OR) ?? 012(SO)(1-2)
R.F(FA) ?? 012(SO)(0-2)
N?(VE) ?? 012(SO)(2-1)
N?(VE) ?? ???(SL)(0-2)
??(KY)?? ???(SL)(1-2)
??(SL) ?? ???(SL)(0-2)
???BR??? ???(SL)(2-1)
??(BR) ???(KY)(2-1)
??(BR) ?? ???(IN)(2-0)
??(BR) ???(TE)(2-0)



nobody cares about your opinion.

#R was a scrub game. #R eddie combos are braindead and he’s too strong, #R slayer was braindead and overpowered, #R millia is the best bullshit ever, #R sol had a one button combo from anywhere on the screen that did 60% (but not a stupid retarded 30 hit 50% combo) not to mention you had zero risk throw attempts and little pushback from FDing.

I miss those days…:sad:

You forgot about Robo-Ky command grab combo comebacks :wgrin:

Option selecting was bullshit, Eddie’s only balanced incarnation was slash, Slayer will always be overpowered, and Millia is the best character in fighting game existance. No one can block her.