Japanese cab for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2?

What Japanese cabinet would I need to purchase to play Marvel Vs. Capcom 2?

is there a list of the what candy cabs support what games?

The cabinet itself doesn’t determine what games it plays per se. You just need to make sure it’s JAMMA compatible for MVC2. Some of the newer cabs come with the new JAMMA standard, JVC. In that case, you would need an adapter. Most cabs, especially the older/cheaper ones like Astros, are typically JAMMA.


Good to know.

Also, what are good resources for getting pcbs? I’ve found a few places, but they don’t have what I’m looking for.

Oh shit, is it? Maybe I’m thinking of MVC1 as JAMMA. I’ll have to check and get back!


MVC1 is a CPS2 game which is a JAMMA board.

MVC2 is a cartridge for the Naomi platform, which follows the JVS standard. Any JVS or JAMMA cabinet (with an I/O adapter board) will be fine, but preferably one with a VGA capable monitor to avoid ugly interlacing.

So MvC2 for the naomi is better than the dreamcast in terms of picture quality? Whenever I hook my dreamcast up to my tv via vga, the backgrounds look great but the sprites look horrible. Are vga monitors for Japanese cabs different than computer monitors?

Not really, the two versions are pretty much identical.

To hook a Sega Naomi up to a JAMMA cabinet you need a JAMMA converter. Naomi uses the JVS standard and can be readily hooked up to a JVS cabinet. There are 3 JAMMA converters available for the Naomi: the Capcom I/O JAMMA converter, the Sega I/O JAMMA converter, and the Sega version 2 I/O JAMMA converter.

Another thing to take note of is that the Naomi outputs at either regular resolution (15 kHz) or high resolution (31 kHz), so if you want to play games that require high resolution you need to make sure the monitor supports it. This refers to the horizontal sync rate of the monitor. I am not sure what the resolution for MvC2 is but I would guess that it is regular resolution. Most monitors are regular resolution.

The Sega Blast city cabinet has a tri-sync monitor and is probably one of the better cabinets for hooking up a Naomi.
CoinOpExpress carries this and many other cabinets, although I have never ordered from them.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info