Japan "Tougeki SBO 2" Qualifier Results - As they happen

Japan “Tougeki SBO2” 3s Qualifier Results - As they happen

**Hokaido Area Qualifiers (2 Teams Complete) **
1-18: Prefecture Fukushima: Never-Land Game-Center:Entry 14 Teams
Winners: Georgia (Ryu), Fujiwara (Dudley), Kuroda (Q)

3-14:Prefecture Hokaido: Game 702: Entry 12 Teams
Winners: Kan-B (Q), Wada (Yun), 777 (Chun)

**Kanto Area Qualifiers (4 Teams Complete) **
1-24: Prefecture Saitama: Purabo Ageo Store: Entry 28 Teams
Winners: Hitotsu-me (Ken), Ayu (Chun Li), Erotic Teacher (Dudley)

1-25: Prefecture Kanagawa: Game Plaza New York: Entry 19 Teams
Winners: RX (Urien), Dirty “Music” (Oro), Aruku (Ibuki)

2-8: Prefecture Kanagawa: Game In FanFan: Entry 17 Teams
Winners: Izu (Makoto), KSK (Alex), Chikyu (12)

2-28: Prefecture Ibaraki: Sukipazu Hitachi Store: Entry 14 Teams
Winners: Tama (Oro), Yamacof (Dudley), Uni (Necro)

**Tokyo Area Qualifiers (5 Teams Complete) **
2-7: Prefecture Tokyo: Game In Namiki: Entry 31 Teams
Winners: Raoh (Chun), Spellmaster J (Ken), Mester (Yun)

2-11: Prefecture Tokyo: Game Plaza Home Run: Entry 21 Teams
Winners: AFM (Chun), Match (Akuma), Pierre (Urien)

2-22 Prefecture Tokyo: Game-Newton: Entry 22 Teams
Winners: Happy (Alex), Piero (Remy), Ruu (Ryu)

3-20 Prefecture Tokyo:Game Center Mom: Entry 27 Teams
Winners: Nuki (Chun), Boss (Yang), K.O (Yun)

3-28 Prefecture Tokyo: Game Labrinth: Entry 28 Teams
Winners: Xiao (Ibuki), Iese (Yun), J (Makoto)

**Kinki Area Qualifiers (2 Teams Complete) **
2-1: Prefecture Osaka: Challenger Gum Gum: Entry 20 Teams
Winners: Umezono (Chun), Matsuda (Yun), Washimi (Ken)

2-8 Prefecture Wakayama: Amujamu Wakayama Store: Entry 10 Teams
Winners: KTA (Makoto), Kyosenshi (Q), Shonen (Urien)

**Shikoku Area Qualifiers (2 Teams Complete) **
1-17: Prefecture Tokushima: Angel-Land: Entry 10 Teams
Winners: Cartman (Ken), Kaichoa (Alex), Yamamoto (Hugo)

1-24:Prefecture Okayama: AMIPARA WERUKAMU: Entry 12 Teams
Winners: Messatsu Yarou (Urien), Pino (Necro), Ibuki12(Ibuki)

**Chubu Area Qualifiers (10 Teams Complete) **
1-3: Prefecture Nigata: Game Center Glad: Entry 12 Teams
Winners: Sugiyama (Necro), Sawaguchi (Yun), YSB (Hugo)

1-10: Prefecture Aichi: Arcade Game College; Entry 16 Teams
Winners: Red (Ibuki), S (Yun), Tsumun (Remy)

1-11: Prefecture Fukui: Segaword Maieye: Entry 7 Teams
Winners: Baito Kokujin (Dudley), Tenin Yukio (Gouki), Hirai (Ken)

1-25: Prefecture Gifu: Game Safari Hozumi Store: 11 Teams
Winners: Shouga (Urien), Yamaguchi (Makoto), Hiroshi (Dudley)

1-31: Prefecture Nagano: Game-Center Lady Beetle: Entry 13 Teams
Winners: Sekido (Yang), H.H (Makoto), OJI (Yun)

2-01: Prefecture Nagano: Game Corner Arcade: Entry 11 Teams
Winners: TKP (Dudley), “Isack” (Chun), Wata R (Yang)

2-29: Prefecture Aichi: Club Sega: Entry 16 Teams
Winners: Furuya (Makoto), Uraken (Akuma), Nigase (Yang)

3-6: Prefecture Nigata: Purabo Nigataten: Entry 11 Teams
Winners TMO (Ken), Sotoiso (Urien), OK (Akuma)

3-13: Prefecture Aichi: M’s Park: Entry 20 Teams
Winners: Denka (Ryu), Kagachan (Ken), Umemone (Elena)

3-21: Prefecture Shizuoka: Miracle Fujieda: Entry 17 Teams
Winners: Jima (Dudley), Kurenai (Chun), Kokui (Ryu)

**Kyushu/Okinawa Area Qualifiers (5 Teams Complete) **
1-18: Prefecture Okinawa: Game Center Inaha 2: Entry 7 Teams
Winners: MMM(Ryu), SHU(Dudley), DED(Ken)

1-25: Prefecture Kumamoto: Sega World Hakusan: Entry 10 Teams
Winners: BHC (Urien), Mokomokofu (Ken), Doto (Akuma)

2-15: Prefecture Fukuoka: Subculture Arcade: Entry 18 Teams
Winners: 178 (Dudley), Deshiken (Ken), Ushi !? (Urien)

2-29: Prefecture Fukuoka: Miicho Store: Entry 10 Teams
Winners: Yokoyama (Remy), Yamada (Urien), Gong (Dudley)

3-6: Prefecture Ooita: Play Hard Game-Center: Entry 12 Teams
Winners: Inoue (Oro), Disk (Yun), Nomoto (Akuma)

Ken 10
Dudley 10

Urien 9
Yun 9

Chun 8

Akuma 6
Makoto 6

Ryu 5

Ibuki 4
Yang 4

Remy 3
Alex 3
Oro 3
Necro 3
Q 3

Hugo 2

Twelve 1
Elena 1

Total Players 90 of 96
Total Teams 30 of 32

Check www.tougeki.com for more detailed information

Update for Shikoku 1-17-04 Results

Any vids?

Updates for Hokkaido and Okinawa qualifiers.

Update for 1-24-04 Shikoku

Team Angel-Land #2 (KTA-Makoto, Kyosenshi-Q, Suga-Ken) made it to the finals and lost to Messatsu Yarou’s team. You guys will remember Messatsu Yarou’s Urien from the recent videos released on Kagechi’s UDLAB page. (red urien w/ non-stop charge buffers). KTA tells me he has the most technical Urien in Japan, and I believe it.

Saw those vids, Yarou is amazing

is he better than RX?

Danm I wanted KTA’s team to make it. That Red Urien player is off the hook though. Charge buffers are like uo’s to that guy.


RX vs. Messatsu…Its hard to say who’s better. They both have very unique styles. RX plays very safe and Messatsu takes more chances. They also play in different regions of Japan and are recognized as having the best Uriens in both their respective prefectures…

Last August there were 2-90 man tournaments in Kyushu that both of them entered. (singles and 3on3). Messatsu did better in the singles and RX did better than Messatsu in the 3on3…

So I can’t say for sure. Its all theory. I imagine if they fought, they’d be going back and forth all day.

Cameron - Yeah its funny I was talking to KTA the night before the Okayama tournament and he said the only player he was worried about fighting was Messatsu and low and behold they meet up in the finals. KTA fought him last year at a tougeki qualifier in Osaka and beat him down with Makoto, but he said Messatsu has really improved since last year. KTA’s team is not giving up though. They will be entering more qualifiers in February. Perhaps part of the reason they lost in this tournament was that their 3rd teamate (Suga) wasn’t able to attend, so it was only up to KTA and Kyosenshi to hold it down in the prelims.

If they can qualify in Feb. that will be 2 teams from Angel-Land that will be going to the finals in Tokyo!

update for 1-25-04 Kyushu

BHC (Urien), Mokomokofu (Ken), Doto (Akuma) take 1st place defeating Takami (Chun), Muro (Ken) & Sai (Makoto).

3rd Place went to 178 (Dudley), Deshi Inu"KFG" (Ken), Ushi “Cow”(Urien).

Should be noted that KFG was unable to attend.

I must have missed those vids. Can anybody send them to me? The last time I was on UDLAB, it was videos of a tournament. RX was the Urien player.

Jive Out!

Yeah they were released before the Saitama tournament w/ RX. You can check the Go For Broke hub on DC. I believe there was something like 30+ files and maybe 15-20 of them had Messatsu. Filenames started w/ the letters “tkb”. do a search for those on DC and they should come up.

Thanks. Also, I was wondering if that site about Urien players from around the world was still up? If it is, what’s the URL?

Jive Out!

I have 4.25 GB of 3s vids on my computer and I still dont have enough

Japan is where it’s at for 3rd strike. :cool:

Jive - I’m in the process of updating the Urien page. I’ll keep you posted.

You don’t actually win any money for winning at SBO do you? It’s considered gambling if I remember reading about other Japanese tourneys.

Thats what I thought too. I also heard that they don’t have entry fees for tourneys they just pay to play, and fight for the challenge and honor. But i don’t know if thats true.


Actually, SBO was probably the first Japanese tournament to offer money as a prize. I believe all 3d games were 500 bucks (5000yen?) and cvs2 was like 1k for first. So hopefuly they stick with that this year as well. We will see.


Hey cameron, how do I get to this udlab site. I need to get those videos. My Urien is like 40% Charge partition now =) muaha

Brotha on the up and up =)

Brotha I dont know, I got that shit on vids from DBA. Ask that fool about it. Yeah i think its time to bring him out of retirement so I can have a grudge match with you or Rock.:smiley:


cvs2 results plz

Results for
Chubu 1/25
Kanto 1/24-25???