Japan SBO2 CvS2 Qualifiers Results

Hokkaidou/Touhoku: 1 team

  1. Umehara(C-Ken/Guile/Sagat)/Dan(C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat)/Shirou(C-Sagat/Rolento/Yamazaki)

Kanto: 2 teams

  1. Joe(A-Kyo/Vega/Blanka)/Togawa(N-Iori/Ken/Sagat)/Nitto(K-Sagat/Geese/Cammy)

  2. 3/28/04

Tokyo: 1 team

  1. Kindevu(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)/Sawada(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)/Mago(C-Honda/Sagat/Blanka)

Chuubu: 3 teams

  1. Chari(C-Sakura/Cammy/Sagat)/Kazu(C-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat)/SAW(A-Sakura/Maki/Chun-Li)

  2. D44(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)/Otaku(K-Kyo/Rock/Hibiki)/Makoto(P-Kyo/Balrog/Cammy)

  3. Hira(C-Sagat/Rolento/Yamazaki)/Shizuokasaikyou(A-Sakura/Hibiki/Blanka)/Tsukiji(C-Sagat/Guile/Cammy)

Kinki: 2 teams

  1. Shachou(K-Kyo/Cammy/Sagat)/Kobushiou(C-Gouki/Guile/Sagat)/Takezo(A-Sagat/Kyo/Iori)

  2. Ver(A-Joe/Maki/Chun-Li)/Morikawa(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)/Iyo(C-Dhalsim/Maki/Rolento)

Chuugoku/Shikoku: 1 team

  1. Kamiide(A-Kyou/Iori/Hibiki)/Nakanishi(C-Sagat/Guile/Cammy)/R.F(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)

Kyuushuu/Okinawa: 4 teams

  1. Zako@DQN(P-Kyou/Sagat/Cammy)/SIN(A-Blanka/Rolento/Vega)/Kaoru(A-Honda/Sakura/Blanka)

  2. Kichinii~(A-Rock/Geese/Rolento)/Ryo(A-Blanka/Hibiki/Vega)/Shou(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)

  3. Ino(K-Sagat/Cammy/Blanka)/Onuki(N-Gouki/Chun-Li/Sagat)/Tokido(N-Balrog/Sagat/Blanka)

  4. DK(C-Sagat/Kim/Chun-Li)/Kurenainobuta(A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka)/Rai(K-Mai/Hibiki/Sagat)

tyty alot of n groove

what the hell. ino, nuki and tokido travelled to kyushu for a qualifier? that’s hardcore.

lol daigo hasn’t qualified yet

They got peaced out in the qualifiers at Tokyo, so they had to go to one of the “scrubbier”* cities and qualify.

*scrubbier, meaning in japan. Scrubs from Japan > U.S. Top Players :frowning:

that’s what i like about japan…they have a-grooves with vega and kyo and shit.

i’m assuming you know that A-vega in japan is the same as A-bison in america. they’re not using claw vega, they’re using paint the fence bison.

and balrog in japan means claw vega. i’ve never seen tokido’s N-vega, but makoto’s P-vega is beastly:eek:

if you knew all that, then don’t mind me:D

and from somebody who knows about the japanese scene, can you make any educated predictions on who should get far or even win? or whose team is balanced well?


lol, yeah i know about the name changes and shit. i just like it how they’ll use anybody they fukkin want and own up. that’s all i wanted to say.

Ino, onuki, and tokido is a broken team.

my prediction is they win even tho from what i hear somebody who used R-4 raiden eliminated that team

D44/otaku/makoto is buff


Daigo/shiro’s team qualified on the 7th.

they used:

Daigo: C-ken, guile, sagat
???: C-Ryu, Ken, Sagat
shiro: C-sagat, rolento, yamazaki.

cRyu/Ken/Sagat = Dan

hmmm all c sagit based teams.

i wonder how many a-sakuras they had to go thru, poor daigo and inc :’(

is any1 gonna translate ggxx #r or the other games?

Isn’t that what got that group in trouble last year? Being anchored by the same char?

Ver / Morikawa / Iyo (i think…)

that’s another big-name team that made it
1 more spot left…

I noticed Iyo switched from N to C. Wasn’t he the best N groove player in Japan? I wonder why the switch =\

uhh. Last year’s cvs2 was singles, not team.


Last team from japan qualified this past weekend


Hm, nobody’s given the names of the guys on the last team…

It’s Remi(then a kanji i can’t read)/Komemaru/Kojima.

I remember seeing the Remi guy play 3s in a video and they were chanting his name, the last part sounded like “O” or something. shrug