[Jan 3, 2012] [Canceled] (http://battle-ground.net)

Battle-Ground.net presents Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition {Online Tournament}.
[LEFT]Welcome to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Tournament. This will be an ONLINE tournament and will be held on the Playstation Network.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter x Tekken is coming soon. So, it’s time to host another online tournament by me. With that in mind. That means I’ll be giving out prizes to the TOP 3 winners in Super Street Fighter: Arcade Edition (If we hit the goal). This tournament will be available for U.S only (excluding Hawaii).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sign Up:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Playstation Network ID:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Time Zone:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-E-mail: Do NOT send me a personal message with your e-mail contact. Please forward it at goforbrokexxx@gmail.com and provide all the information or post here.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Instant Message:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Skype: If you wish to leak it out.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sign Up Date 12/11 - 1/6[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tournament Start: 1/8 ends 3/4. Note: Final Round XV will be hosted by ShinBlanka at Atlanta, Georgia. However, that will be the due date. Giving me time to validate the winners and prizes.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st Place: Street Fighter x Tekken + 2 DLC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd Place: Street Fighter x Tekken + 1 DLC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Place: 2 DLC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]The DLC is ONLY available for alternative custom.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Goal: We need 70 participations. If we do not hit the goal. The prizes will be alter.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st Place: Street Fighter x Tekken + 1 DLC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd Place: 2 DLC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Place: 1 DLC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Please use a WIRED connection instead of wireless. If you’re planning to use wireless. Please make sure no one is using your bandwidth. This will prevent lag spikes and outclassing your opponent due to lag.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Must be within US (Excluding Hawaii).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Must be 16 years old or older to participate. If you are UNDER 16. Please e-mail me at goforbrokexxx@gmail.com with a parent/guardian’s approval.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Do not cheat your opponent by using LAGSWITCH.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Do a lag test before you start the first match. This will ensure that no one is lagging.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Best out of 5.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Semi Finals Best out of 7.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Grand Final First to 10.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Single Elimination (This will make the online tournament run much faster).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Character lock[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Ultra may be change.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Losers may change their character.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Live Stream: http://twitch.tv/goforbroke [Subscribe to watch the stream].[/LEFT]
[LEFT]My Contact:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]E-Mail: goforbrokexxx@gmail.com[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Skype: xgoforbrokex[/LEFT]
[LEFT]AIM: evilakuma2006[/LEFT]
[LEFT]MSN: alexanderjm316@hotmail.com[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Please register at http://battle-ground.net. The bigger we become for online tournament website. The more prizes and events I’ll be giving out.[/LEFT]

:coffee: hmm…this sounds like it would be good training for final round as well…still debating though

There’s no fee to register on an online tournament. Also, the prizes will be handle by me. Nothing to lose :slight_smile:

put me down 4 that, im all over that

psn- d_scustin

Well, the fact that nobody applied nor e-mail is sad. I only have what? At least 4 people or 5.