[Jan 14, 2012] SoVA "The One Day War for Israel" featuring SFIV2012, UMvC3 and... (Norfolk, VA)

The battle for the curly sideburns, brought to you by me, former Super Street Fighter IV SoVA Premiere host Joe Kaufman.

Date: January 14th (Saturday)

Location: My house in Norfolk off of Interstate 64, Little Creek exit.
1446 Meads Road
Norfolk, VA 23505

Doors Open = 2pm
Sign-Ups = 2pm~2:45pm
Tournament Starts = 3pm
BE ON TIME. If you’re coming from out-of-town and having traffic issues then please contact me.
—depending on the number of set-ups we’ll try to start all games at once.

Venue Fee: $1.
—venue fee is waived for players providing TVs or consoles if their equipment is USED for tournament matches. It’ll be on a first come, first serve basis.
—if you’re providing a console for a specific game then please make sure that your game software is up to date, such as the most recent UMvC3 patch.
—if you bring a set-up or TV and we choose not to use it (either because we already have enough or the TV is determined to lag or your game software isn’t updated) then please don’t take it personally. Be a good sport about this.

Games and Entry Fees:
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 = $5 entry
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 = $5 entry
King of Fighters XIII = $5 entry

Prize Distribution: the usual 70/20/10 split for top 3.

Tournament Organizers: fucking listen to these people.
Foomy = running SFIV
SMP = running Marvel
K1 Sauce = running KoF

Console Information and Disputes:
—we’ll definitely have a good number of PS3’s and we will most likely have people providing 360’s. We’ll try to have a good balance of both but it all depends on what we get.
in the event of a match-up where one player prefers PS3 and the other prefers Xbox 360, if the two players cannot compromise on a system to play on then it will be decided with a coin toss:
Heads = PS3
Tails = Xbox 360
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Game Specific Rules & Info:
—Winner and Loser’s finals is 3/5 matches.
—Grand Finals is 3/5 matches. If the opponent coming from Losers wins the first set then a final set will be run.
—everything else is 2/3 matches.
—for EX Iori, EX Kyo and Mr. Karate players: we’ll most likely have a PS3 set-up where the DLC is available and hopefully someone will also have an Xbox 360 with them unlocked.

Other Location Info:
—the parking situation is standard Norfolk neighborhood parking, so find a curb spot. Even if it gets packed you’ll be able to find a spot further down the street and then walk a minute or two to get to the house. If you have any issues contact me.
—about 3 minutes away there’s a good number of fast food & convenience stores to satisfy all dollar-saving gamers (McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, 7-Eleven, PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING). A Little Caesars and Food Mart w/gas is VERY close by. If you have any additional questions about the area feel free to ask me.

Other House Rules and Info:
—the tournament will be run on the 1st floor of the house, so please do not go upstairs.
—a dog and two cats live on the property but they will be put elsewhere. Take note of this if you have any allergies to fur.

People Who Are Not Invited:
The following individuals are kindly asked NOT to attend this event for personal reasons that I am not going to get into on here, so please don’t ask:
—Joey Boyak
—David Mallory
—Ping Xiao
—Nelson a.k.a. UnknownEnemyZero

Closing Statements:
—WE NEED MORE TVs AND CONSOLES (both PS3 and Xbox 360) to run this tournament quickly and efficiently so that you can all can play your matches and get home at a good time. If you can bring a TV or console, please post up and tell us if you’re bringing a PS3 or Xbox 360. Remember that the venue-fee waive is on a first come, first serve basis!
—please, no casual stations for other games (ex. 3rd Strike, Bushido Blade 2, Gundam whatever) until after the tournament is over or until we no longer need the set-up. After that, play whatever you want.
we could possibly have a stream and if it works out we’ll stream Top 3 of each game. No guarantees, though!

If you have any other questions feel free to post away.

Nicely done, looking forward to this.

Yo, that Ping Xiao guy is an asshole, but for real, this is gonna be mad hype. Also that blonde girl at your house is pretty hot

I’ll bring a PS3, SSF4, and UMVC3. Maybe a TV but I doubt it.

I can bring a PS3 and EVO monitor.

Small update to location info, nothing major.

We’re also looking into trying to get as many** tables** and** chairs** as possible. We already have a few but for the most part set-ups will be on the floor (on carpet). If anyone can contribute, that’d be great.

Thanks, but no thanks. You’ve also been kindly asked not to attend this event for personal reasons that I’m not going to get into in this thread, so please don’t ask.


I heard h3w got strippers for this event to, so if you dont come… Well, you know.

I heard spelling is fundamental.

Everything is on schedule. We still need non-laggy TVs and PS3/360 systems (w/games) so if you’re coming and you can provide, please let us know. We’ve got a few tables, chairs and TVs coming but we need more.

There’s a chance that our host Joe will be a little late to this event (he’s going to a job interview for a CIA Intelligence Specialist position or something), so until his return it’ll be mine and our three tournament organizers (Foomy, SMP and K1) responsibilities to get things going and to keep the peace. We’ll get things done. Please follow the rules described in the tournament-description and we should have a kick-ass Saturday with challengers coming as far as Richmond.

If you got any questions then ask away.

EDIT: Oh, and I’m still fishing for someone to provide a laptop for the tournament with the appropriate tournament-running software. Any volunteers?

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