[Jan 14, 2012] Elkhart vs Kalamazoo: The Beginning (Elkhart, IN)

When: January 14th. Right now we’re thinking doors opening at 3 PM, casuals until 4, and the sets starting right after. This is up in the air right now as it’s Daniel’s decision in the end due to venue availability.

Where: Experience Points, Elkhart, IN, right next to Media Exchange. To get here from Kalamazoo, take 131 south until you reach the Indiana toll road just over the border. Take the toll road west to exit 92. Turn left and take Cassopolis south to Bristol st. A left there, a right at the light on Jonson, and Experience Points will be on your left before the next light. There are ways around the toll road that you are welcome to take, but this is by far the simplest route.

What: A 5v5 grudge match of coarse! With Elkhart’s FGC forming over the last few months there’s been some smack talk. What better way to settle it than a money match?

Games: Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Each game will feature a 5v5 kumite style match with the winning team taking the $400 pot for that game.

There have also been talks of KoF and SF3TS money matches.

Update: There will be a $7 venue fee but that will pay for you to watch and play casuals afterwards.