Jamin3131 Presents - Mastering Control: The Joystick Exhibit-Thursday April 28th T.O

Date: Thursday April 28th 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: George Brown College School of Design (St. James Campus)


Come experience a new level of control at the Joystick Exhibit.

Custom Cases from Arts Hobbies and the Legendary Finkle!

Try out the most popular setups from Sanwa, Semietsu, IL/Happ and Crown!

Hands on experience while playing SSFIV or MvC3


Directions: TTC
Exit Queen Subway station, take the East bound Streetcar to Jarvis St.
Walk East one block to George St, and South one block to Britain St.
Go East on Britain Street and the School of Design is the first building on your right.

If you RSVP by April 20th, I’ll have a good idea of who’s coming there could be a possible mini tourney (prize to be determined).

Please note that this exhibit is part of the School of Design’s Year End Event, so you’ll also be able to check out other great design work from other graduating students!
Guaranteed not to be a sausage fest!!!

I will be there!

im down!

Thanks for the support Guys!!!

Also - If anyone has a custom built joystick that they would like to lend for the event, I would be more than happy to place it in the show!

me and rebelo got a custom stick each i can most likly bring them

Can you guys bring them on Saturday to HW?

Greetings! I’m definitely interested in checking this out hope to see you there.

Just out of curiosity, what’s your “operational definition” of “custom”? I have a ton of sticks, some modded with just buttons swaps, balltops, etc.

I wish I could come up to this, but sadly april is rape. Will people be able to take/share pictures from the exhibit? I’d love to see as much as possible.

Hey Hidey!!

I hope you can come out for the Show!!

By custom, I’ll looking at either custom builds (wood, metal, plastics) from scratch, or retail sticks that have been heavily modded so they don’t look completely stock.

I’ll be at HW on Saturday and maybe we can talk some details if you would like to help out!!

Thanks Hidey!

Var - I’m sure some pics will be taken :slight_smile:

I just got this link sent to me from Hidey, the only thing I have modified in a sense is my dual modded VLX with custom template/graphic(Seitmitsu LS-56 + PS-14-KN) and possibly a ripped out custom painted black Sega ---- City Twin Stick CP by then(non-operational, need funds for the guts).

Also maybe a somewhat retail custom that I really not want used since I have a buyer on the 1st of May(Qanba Q3 RAF wireless stick gutted and dual modded to wired stick with custom Felicia graphic, LS-56 stick and Sanwa buttons).

Either way, this is a cool idea to spread the word on local fighting community, I’m very interested in checking out the event.

Syn - I may take you up on the VLX since I dont have one in the show and its a very unique stick to begin with.

The one thing I am missing is a LED modded stick. I was trying to get PurpleArms to participate, but he backed out due to the new ArcEyes coming out around the same time as the exhibit and he’ll be too busy to come out (Not that he needed to be there there lol).

I do hope to get the GTA communities together if they all come out for this thought… It’s one thing to head out to a tourney and meet ppl, but this will be a much more relaxed environment, even though people will still be able to get their game on :slight_smile:


why do i not have any new customs finished for my personal use yet…
i don’t think you’d want to use the magi (my custom)

its pretty beat up as it is right now. was going to fix that after my exams are over

Cool I will be at the relief fundraiser on Saturday anyway so lemme know then. Gotta call a night off from my part time job lol!

Dude, I love your magi stick! I think I’ve only seen it in photos but it was definitely an eye catcher(not sure whether to blame this on my otaku side or my gamer side lol)!!

I’m tempted to have ppl bring their own sticks too, custom or otherwise, just so ppl can be seen walking around with joysticks, build up the hype around the building :slight_smile:

And I think having some beat up sticks at the show might be cool. My whole premiss of the exhibit was creating functional pieces of art, and they get used as tools, so some wear and tear should be expected. My first custom is going in the exhibit, and its got some nicks here and there, and the wiring is gawd awful, but its was my first!

Hopefully we can get together on Saturday and come up with some ideas. I’ll see if my wife can come down on the 28th with me to capture pics of the event for you.

I say we rock our sticks around our necks on chains a la Flava Flav clocks!

I’d like to see Steve rock his VLX on his neck… snicker

I’m in for this for sure! Can’t wait to meet people from TO to put faces to names.

That’s a death sentence man.

School of Design = St. James campus?? Lol I go to Casa Loma tho my last day of class is the 25th. Maybe ill come out to this.

It is at the St. James Campus. However the School of Design Building is off of Richmond St. and not King St.

Hope to see you there! Lots of Saugan’s should be coming out :slight_smile: