James Chen's puzzle fighter FAQ?

People at work have discovered puzzle fighter :slight_smile:

I could have sworn that years ago, I read a faq by James Chen that explained in detail exactly how the gem system in puzzle fighter works. I’ve found some faqs here:


But they aren’t what I remember. I remember an extremely detailed FAQ, much like the famous MSH combo faq. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Links would be much appreciated!


Yeah man, your best bet would be to try gamefaqs.com.

Search for the game by title, and after you click it, you should get to check out FAQs.

James Chen faqs are godsends.

Good luck,

you tried PM’ing the guy? his SRK handle is jchensor.

I looked on gamefaqs but can’t find it :(. Thanks for the PM tip, I sent him one!


if he replies in the positive, could you let Cc me the link?
I wouldn’t mind reading what he has to say on Puzzle Fighter :slight_smile:

what country are you in old man?

where ever it is, you had best be representing thawk.


I would be very interested in seeing this FAQ too. I knew about Chen’s CvS series FAQs, but not this…