Jackie Chan sets 2 new records


[FONT=Helvetica]Action legend Jackie Chan has a reputation for being one of the hardest working man in showbiz but now he has two Guinness World records certificate to back up this claim. Today, Chan was officially awarded “[/FONT]*Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor” and “*Most Credits in One Movie” while attending the opening of the Jackie Chan Film Gallery in Shanghai.

In Chinese Zodiac, Chan holds fifteen credits to his name with writer, directer, lead actor as Asian Hawk, producer, executive producer, cinematographer, art director, unit production manager, catering coordinator, stunt coordinator, gaffer, composer, theme tune vocalist, props and stuntman.**

Congrats to the little dragon

Catering coordinator?

Making a phone call to Jackie’s Kitchen is coordinating?

Gonna watch Gorgeous on Crackle to celebrate Jackie’s well deserved success.

Pretty cool.

But “catering coordinator” sure sounds tacked on. And its like he’s just ordering take-out for the entire set. Chinese guy, one of the most famous in the World and in the West, ordering take-out which has been made famous in the West as usually Chinese.

Quick search about it. http://education-portal.com/articles/Catering_Coordinator_Job_Description_Duties_and_Requirements.html

but I have a feeling he would’ve just replaced it with choreographer or electrician arcade operator or ChunLi cosplayer or something.

Fifteen credits in one movie? What do you think the World Record Committee fact-checking meeting was like? I’d imagine it went something like this:

JC always on the grind son.

“Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor” - Jackie Chan
"Most Credits in One Movie" - Jackie Chan
"Knows where your mom was last night even if you don’t" - Jackie Chan.

If you can’t do something right. Call Jackie Chan.

Can’t wait to see Chinese Zodiac.
Wait, how is he a stuntman if he is doing the acting. Does he switch out to himself like Jin and Devil Jin in Tekken Tag 2?

He made a movie and named his character Asian Hawk?

That’s like Samuel Jackson writing a movie and playing the lead called “Crack Blackmann”

Way to be racist to your own people.

Congratulations Jackie Chan!!


Wow, that’s a lot of credentials for a single movie, although catering coordinator is so weird that I even Google’d it out of curiosity. o_O

Just a question. Aside from the obvious fame, what are the perks of being in the Guinness Book of World Records?

Both Jackie and Yuen Biao have a history of filling in as a stuntman for another actor on top of their roles in a movie if the stunt is too dangerous or if they feel the other actor can’t do a move.

Couldn’t have been given to a more entertaining actor.

That beat out the previous record holder, L’artiste est Morte.


In serious, kudos to Chan. Amazing actor and mad props for destroying his body for our amusement. Guy is the new Buster Keaton.

congrats jackie!

Other world records associated with Jackie Chan:

Largest Number of Asses Kicked With Pieces of Living Room Furniture
Largest Number of Fatalities Caused in a Hardware Store
Largest Number of Injuries Sustained While Scaling a Parking Garage From the Outside