Jack-X combos v2013

Ok there’s no thread for Jack-X combos so I guess I’ll step up and post this stuff for quick reference. If you guys have some cool combos please share guys!

*Note: I haven’t checked the damage on some these combos, will update soon

[000] = Damage
s. = (Far) Standing
cl. = Close Standing
c. = Crouching
j. = Directional Jump
nj. = Neutral Jump
d. = down
u = up
f. = forward
b. = backward
xx = Cancel move with
, = Link
~ = Chain
> = Target\String\Follow up
LP/LK/HK/EX etc = Light, Medium, Heavy or EX version respectively
CADC = Charge Attack Dash Cancel
(ch) = Counter Hit
(corner) = Take a guess


Rocket Uppercut - DP+P

Megaton Earthquake - RDP+P

Atomic Shoulder Tackle - HCF+K

Gigaton Punch - QCF+P

Piston Gun - mash P

Midscreen BnB

[410] cl.HP xx LP Rocket Uppercut, c.MK xx LP Rocket Uppercut, HP Rocket Uppercut - does ridiculous damage, even more if you land a jump in or crossup also if you switch cancel you get both hits of HP Rocket Upper for even more damage!

[564] cl.hp, LP Rocket Uppercut, c.MK xx LP Rocket Uppercut, Super Art - dat damage!

c.LP/c.LK/cr.MP xx Megaton Earthquake - great for pressuring, easy to confirm into switch cancel for damage without much scaling.

LP Rocket Uppercut, LP Rocket Uppercut, Raw Launcher

Hitconfirm Into Launcher

st.LK ~ MP > MP - this sequence is safe on block and probably the easiest to confirm
c.LP/c.LK ~ s.MP - this is punishable up close, requires correct spacing

Post Tag

[360] s.LP, c.MK xx LP Rocket Upper, HP Rocket Upper - puts opponent in range for jumpin, if you walk forward first you can get an ambiguous cross-up.

s.LP , s.LP, c.MK xx Atomic Shoulder Tackle - less damaging but leads to meaty Atomic Shoulder Tackle setups.

cl.hp, LP Rocket Uppercut, Super Art


[440] cl.HP xx LP Rocket Uppercut, st.LP, cl.MP, c.MK xx HP Rocket Uppercut

[704] J.HK, cl.hp, LP Rocket Uppercut, c.MK, EX Gigaton Punch, Super Art - one of the most damaging combos in the game!

Good start. He really doesn’t have many combos, really basic and damaging.

Yeah definitely not a combo machine. His combos are simple but effective and because he packs a lot of damage into fewer hits his combos don’t scale too badly. Perfect for switch combos!

Do all of his combos still work from b4 2013 version? I just started using him and really like his damage. I just need more options than this. Any1 that can help, thanks!

His heavy DP now juggles as an ender to a combo, but only the first of the two hits will connect. If you tag it, both hits will connect and launch them really high into the air, allowing any follow-up imaginable from your other character.

hp xx lp DP, cr.mp xx lp DP, hp DP (1 hit)

Tag the last DP for a huge combo starter.

I think his old combos work but he’s got new combos that do more damage.

Yes I listed that combo already and I did put in a note about the switch cancel.

Actually if you want to switch cancel you get more damage if you do:

cl.HP xx LP Rocket Uppercut, c.MK xx HP Rocket Uppercut

cr.MK now does more damage than cr.MP so you should always use that instead during combos. And skipping that second LP DP means less damage scaling for you incoming character.