Jack in the Box Pro Tip: We Need More Reach (around) Players in the NW!

Prior to making this thread some friends of mine strongly suggested that I add the “Jack in the Box” reference for our lovely Modd FrankDaDank.

Okay so this thread is for Halo Reach players in the NW, obviously.

This game is new so post up any questions/answers you may have about the game and whatnot. Also, let people know if you already have the game and play online in matchmaking.

Personally, this game is very entertaining thus far. By that I mean that there is no game breaking/altering bullshit found out yet like in previous Halos, lol. The guns are balanced out very well. Even the old skool Halo 1 pistol is back to being a killer in the right situations. The matchmaking in this game is extremely polished and there is A LOT of variety in the types of games available to the casual/hardcore Halo player.

I could say more, and will later, but right now I’m watching the Seahawks get ass raped by the Denver Broncos and I need to say my 13 Hail Marrys to save their souls.

List of people who play Halo Reach so far,

Boner (Cody)
Rattana (Rat)
Famous Nate
Danny Pham
K Chow

Who else?

yeah, I’ve been playing rumble pit/team slayer mostly

Waiting for CoD: Black Ops

gamertag : fear b IV me

Same name as always. Played through SP and was messing with the invasion modes or whatever today.

i am jacob manalang and i approve of this thread

come see me!!

For free kills.

All you’ll hear from me on the mic is cussing. I’m ass at this game.


Edit: Even though Pat may not be bodying people he’s hella funny to listen to.

I’m afraid that with my lousy FPS skills… and Halo’s actually-balanced, skill-based gameplay… I could never compete at Reach, even a little.

Yo i got this shit my fingers get tired

Im bad but i have it as well. add me!

Okay I added those who posted thus far :slight_smile:

Justin.tv - Live Streaming Video

Here is a live stream of ProdigyX and Biitersweet playing right now. They were both @PAX this year so that’s why I added the names.

Campaign seems HELLA long. So far its pretty fun though. Feels very epic.

GUAC has an account now and Ric might be picking up a copy of Halo soon too. The list of Seattle Reach players is growing, plus one guy far, far away in Japan, lolz.

fix your nat ho

yea i do the same thing sometimes

Bitch my connection is fine and my NAT is bomb. :slight_smile: