Jack and Coke Combos

Posting some combos for you guys to take a look at. They are all off of Hugo and tagging Jack in one way or another.



Just a not that when you switch cancel off of a running man you have to do AAA right away, there is no wait.


Hands combos

Ill post more later.

What’s everyone using for when Jack comes in off of a boost combo? I found st.mp xx hcf.hk, to be the most damaging off of a full abc combo.

C lp, mk, mp, mp

He is right. Im gonna post some more jack soon

I added two combos

So after much coaxing from SimSimIV et al., I finally broke down and got myself an account so I could do my best to contribute to the community.

I’ve put at bit of time into Jack X so far, and I have some notes that may help people. I have some general notes that I would have liked to put into the general Jack thread, but it seems to be locked for what is likely some common reason of which I’m unaware.

First of all, lets look at target combos.

Target Combos:.

As noted in some of the other threads, his mp > mp target combo is pretty safe, barring a few supers. His c.lp > hp target combo is similar, and has the benefit of being slightly longer range. As an added bonus, c.lp > hp can be cancelled with a manual launcher at medium range, and, since target combos scale differently than chains, you get 170 damage off 2 hits before the launcher. Much better than chaining lp hp hp. So far, c.lp > hp xx launch seems to be his optimal chain for tagging out.

As was noted by somebody earlier, mk > mp > mp is of limited use because the initial mk whiffs crouchers. It can get you some nice damage tagging in off a launch, however. If you chain into mk from c.lp, as in c.lp > mk > mp > mp, you will get all hits of the target combo and significant damage. That brings us nicely to tag in combos.

Tag In Combos:

These combos are mostly based on exploration with Heihachi, Jin, and Guy as partners. One thing I’ve noticed with these characters is that Jack X has very different options based on launch height. With Heihachi, for example, Jack X has no trouble doing cl. hp xx hcf hk, which is the most meterless damage I’ve found tagging in off a launcher thus far. However, when tagging in from guy, cl. hp is almost always too slow. At the very least, the timing goes from easy and reliable to considerably difficult, and with Guy, c.lp > mk > mp > mp seems like a better tag in option.

Things get interesting when you can land a jump attack with Jack X after a switch cancel. Tagging in from Jin’s MLD, for example, lets you land a beefy combo like **j.hp, cl.hp xx hcf hk. **Any tag in move that lets you land a jump attack should net something similar or better.

Tagging off Heihachi’s hell axle, however, simply would not let me land a jumping heavy attack. Fortunately, this lead me to discover some interesting things about Jack’s j.mp


  • hits twice
  • is a great air to air
  • always knocks down and allows a combo.

That means when landing at close range after a j.mp, you can land j.mp (2 hits), cl. hp xx hcf hk
At medium range, you get j.mp (2 hits), c. mk xx hcf hk

Hopefully this will encourage some of you who seems to be getting the impression that “Jack is Ass.”

A final parting gift. His seismo can be tagged cancelled for a combo even at full screen.

eg. With Heihachi: hp seismo, tag, cl.hp xx mp rising upper, cl. hp xx mp dragon upper, followup

Good stuff I’ll apply some stuff with this in mind and make some more videos tonight!

Combo ideas:
lp dp > lp dp >launcher

lp dp > lp dp >hp dp xx tag cancel (The tag cancel will happen before the second hit of the hp and therefor make it connect - if solo comboing the second hit of the hp dp will wiff because of the juggle potential which you reset when you tag cancel) This will leave your incoming character with the opponent sky high, which opens for new possibilities)

Apply kara canceled hp in target comboes: mk>mp>mp>[hp]x ex move/super

Jack’s most damaging special move without meter is hp handslaps if I’m not misstaken (If you mash that is)

I use Hundred Hands sometimes. You just have to know how to piano to use it.

I dont Use Solo combos with Jack very often. His offensive game is soo poor that combos are only good when people do something unsafe to predict a siesmo. Im not saying its not unvaible to learn them but the cahnce is so far and between. Ill try some stuff though

Thank you based god

I know the piano but I don’t think you can get the max damage version of the hard and medium version without mashing?

Jack-X is interested because you have to Piano with the Strength you want first. Here is a glossory with the way I piano:




You can slide too.

Hope this helps. Im gonna post some more jack information/tutorials tonight before I go to see Total Recal.

Actually I do know about this, but say you do: H-M-L-H-L, you will get heavy machine gun punch, which does 140 damage I think? If you do this however: H-M-L-H-L-H-H-H-H-H, you will get a different version of the heavy machine gun punch, where jacks arms extend further and does about 20 more damage if I am correct.

something like that ill test the properties and record it.

Can someone give me meterless, 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, and tag in combos for jack? And I need help getting gatling gun links.

Can you rephrase that question. Id be more than happy to make a video for you.

Ah, sorry.

Well, I suck at this game, but I love jack. So I need combos the use no meter, a combo that uses 1 meter, a combo that uses 2 meters, a combo that uses 3 meters, and a combo from a tag. And I need help learning how to link into gatling gun.

Gatling gun is his swing punch right? im bad with names I just generalized them I dont know the real names lol

Gatling gun is the mash move, it never comes out by itself for me.

I like to perform a launcher, get jack in.

lp DP into gatling gun. That throws the opponent to the other side of the screen and you can tag in the previous character in.