J&J Super Modding for Tech Talk Contest

Hello Tech Talk and Lovers of jdm714.
Today I have for you, a contests.

I have J&J Postcards.

I will send to anyone a postcard.
A picture is to be taken of the received postcard.

You post picture here in this Thread.
I choose winner(s).

[]Anyone is eligible, includes International.
]Only one entry per person.
[]You must Like this Post.
]You must make Post in this Thread stating your Sign Up.
[]I will only send the Postcard to those who both Like and Post.
]Sign up begins February 2, 2012.
[]Sign up ends March 3, 2012.
]One photograph will be taken of the J&J Postcard.
[]You post your photograph here in this Thread.
]Entry photographs end on March 31, 2012.
[]Winner(s) will announce April 1, 2012.
]I choose the best ones.
[]Grand Prize: Dual Mod to your Arcade Stick.
]Second Prize: J&J Exclusive jdm714 Button, your choice of style.
[]Third Prize: J&J Super Modding Window Cling.
]Fourth Prize: Sanwa Limited Red Shaft Cover.

I may add more prizes.
I do not know yet.

I may reduce number of winners.
I do not know yet.

But Grand Prize is Dual Mod.

So, Tech Talk, sign up and get creative with your pictures!
If you do not win this one, sign up for the next one!
New prizes for next time!

I’m in!

Sure I am down with it.

Sweet, been too lazy/cheap to get another PCB for my second stick. May as well get you guys to do it for me! :smiley:

Count me in! Wouldn’t mind the window hang to place on my car.

How often does jdm make a new thread? Never, that’s when. I’m down.

Count me in.

how much skin is too much if i want to submit a picture of myself “wearing” just the postcard?

Edit: James, i might need a bigger postcard :smiley:

Here I go. :smiley:

Say that and James may feel tempted to make you an extra tiny one. :smiley:


Im down~

I’m on it!

I am feeling to add a second Dual Mod Winner.

international demmand, I think?

EDIT: Are you going to send a certain number of postcards per week?

add a second I’ll do one for free as well!

The Chance to win my own Dual Mod from the Dual Modding Gods? HELL YEAH!

Sign Up! Aiming for 4th place.


Sign me up :smiley:

ayo i’m in there!